Agutaynen - English


imbisconjsa halipInstead of; in lieu of.Imbis na yo tang paning ong Cuyo yawa ra lamang tang magtay.Instead of me being the one to go to Cuyo island, you just be the one to travel there.Imbis ang tomabido ong bokid, nanilawo ra lamang.Instead of going along to the field, I just went fishing.rel wdkondi
imbistigadorder. ofimbistigarInvestigator.
imbistigarvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -ensiyasatTo investigate.Sinopay magimbistigar ong nindio tenged ong kaso mi?Who will be the one to investigate for you regarding your case?ov synosisasitarrel wdpasikot-sikot2 1imbistigadorder.n
imbitar1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enanyayahanTo invite someone.Inimbitaro tang anako ang magninang si ong kasal na.My godchild has also invited me to be a sponsor for her wedding.2adjimbitadoInvited.Mga belaga ta imbitado, india ra kay paning ong kasalan.If you aren't invited, please don't go to the wedding reception.
imes1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo gather things together; to save money; to pack clothes, etc. for a trip; to get things ready; to arrange things; to straighten things up.Pangimes tanandia tang lambong na tenged tomay ong damal.She is packing her clothes because she will travel tomorrow.Indi amo gapangimes tang pinoyatan mi.You haven't straightened up the place where you slept.Winasag mo ra tang mga papilis, ala imesen mo.You have scattered the papers all around, okay now, straighten them up.Way, aggimesen tang mano tang mga boto na ong kalipapa na, tenged asia tang ogak.Look, the hen is gathering her chicks under her wings, because there's a crow up above.Ang agpasōlan na indi aggastaen na, aggimesen na lamang para ong pagadal na.The money he is earning, he's not spending it, he's just saving it for his education.1.2statReady.Imes da tang tanan ang mga bangko ong plasa para ong baili lagat-lagat ang labi.All the chairs are ready at the plaza for the dance later tonight.2stat2.1viFor people to get together, gather together for a purpose.Pamagimes-imes da tanira mandian tenged may miting nira.They are gathering together now because they have a meeting.
-imin-v. affifxPast tense, actor focus.Kiminabot da tanira?Have they arrived already?
imo1viActor: mag- Goal: ma--anmagingTo become; to develop.Ganing tang mamepet mga palon ta kaloag tang kolo mo magimoang amoy.The old people say if you are rapped on the head with a spoon you'll become a monkey.Ang asokar mga isampora ong gata ay magimong sirap.When sugar is mixed with coconut milk it will become syrup.Ang bokol tang nioy yay ang pagimong beteng.The bud of the coconut palm is what becomes the young coconut fruit.Ang sandia amen panalay da, balampa maimoan ka ta borak na.Our watermelon is already flowering, hopefully it will develop fruit on it. 2vtUndergoer: -on, ma-To complete something; to make an amount whole, complete.Indi naimo tang tampipi tenged nagkamalio.The basket wasn't completed because I made a mistake with it.Imōn mo ra lamang tang kilo tang yan agod belag ta poaki.Make complete the kilo of fish so that it won't be an awkward amount.3viUndergoer: ma-For something to appear, come to exist.Pagabitala lamang tang Dios, dayon ang naimo tang langit may ang tanek.God just spoke, and immediately the heaven and the earth appeared.4advmaimoPossible, possibility; something which can be done.Mga maimo lamang, paotangay ka nindio ta koarta.If possible, please just lend me some money.Indi maimong indi silotan tang Dios tang taw ang namatay ta aroman na.It is not possible that God will not punish a person who has killed his fellowman.ov synpoidi 1anday maimo tader.exprAnday maimo ta mga ya ra kay soirti na.There is nothing we can do if that is indeed his fate.
imod1vi., vtActor: m-, magini- Goal: -antawaTo smile widely, broadly; to laugh at someone or something.Pirming imod tang taw ang asia, sigoro mambeng ong sadili na tenged sigoro anday problema na.That person is always smiling broadly, maybe he is happy with himself because maybe he has no problems.India mimod, way, bingaw tang isi mo.Don't smile widely, look, you are missing a tooth.Angay pamaginimod amo atan?Why are you laughing there?Aggimodan nira tang molang dorong pongit na.They are laughing at the child who is very dirty.antsiriosoov synalakakyemyem 12adjmakaimodFunny; humorous.Gademdemano pa tang mga makaimod ang mga istoria ni Diponto Tatang Jose.I still remember the funny stories of Late Uncle Jose.
imo-imoadjMade-up, not true.Indio magparet tang inaning na tenged imo-imo na lamang.I will not believe what he said because he just made it up. ov synboat-boatbo-lak 1intirimis 1
imol-molvtActor: mag- Goal: -an To remove, pluck the feathers of a chicken or other birds, poultry.Asing pagkabot tang lali, inimol-molan nang lagi tang mano ig linotok.When the man arrived, he immediately plucked the chicken and cooked it.rel wdbo-di
imorat1adjbahagyaSmall amount.Nanilaw ami ka rin piro imorat ka lamang.We caught some fish but just a small amount. ov synge-ley 12advTo have difficulty in doing something, as in seeing, walking, moving, etc. (literally, to see, walk, etc. just a little); barely able to do something.Imorat dang maita tang mata na.He has difficulty seeing (lit. his eyes only see a little).Imorat ang mamangan tang molang na, anday gana na.This child barely eats, he has no appetite.ov synmaliwagunspec. var. ofliwag
imorovtActor: maN- Undergoer: -onTo remove kernels from corn; to shell beans.Mangimoro ita ta kamait oman tandalen ta.Let's take the kernels off the corn and then roast them.
impas1<Not Sure>1.1statConsumed; all used up; all gone; completely finished.Impas da tang karni.The meat is all used up.Impas da tang beredbeden.The sewing is completely finished.2stat2.1vtTo completely settle, pay one's debts.Naimpasan da ka ni Juan tang tanan ang otang na asing pagasoildo na.Juan completely settled all his debts when he received his salary.
impiksion1nimpiksyon.Infection.2viUndergoer: ma-For a wound or sore to become infected.Naimpiksion da tang igad mong asia animan agkintena.That wound of yours has become infected, that's the reason you are feverish.
impilisnElf; invisible little people.Some people believe that these elves live in large tree trunks or around large rocks or near water. They often befriend people and help them, but can also make them crazy or sick.antdoindiov synsapat1
impirnonimpiyernoHell.Ang impirno yay ang logar ang sirilotan tang mga patay.Hell is the place where the dead are punished.Makaeled tang impirno, don ono ang apoy dadaba-daba.Hell is a scary place, it's said there is the fire that is flaming up.
impisavar. ofompisa1advumpisaStarting; beginning.Ompisa mandian, indio ra galiliag ang itaeno pa tang itsora mo tarin!Starting now, I no longer want to see your face around here!2advmimpisaSince; beginning at or with.Ong kaorian, mapasar tang mga taw tang sobrang kaliwagan ang anday kapario na mimpisang boaten tang Dios tang kalibotan.In the end times, people will experience hardship which has no equal beginning with when God made the world.And Dios tang kalawig-lawigan ong tanan, mimpisa pa asing primiro, mandian ig asta ong anday kataposan!God is the highest of all, since the very beginning, now, and until forever!rel wdasta2 13viUndergoer: m-, ma--anFor something to begin, start.Minimpisa talabi teteyeb ono tang kolo na.She says starting last night her head has been spinning.Ang programa indi pa maimpisan tenged ang magbitala indi pa gakabot.The program hasn't started yet because the speaker has not yet arrived.4vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -anTo start, begin something.Sinopay nagimpisang mangayeg tang koma mi?Who began harvesting your field?Impisan ta ra tang obra maski indi ta pa matapos mandian.Let's start this work even though we won't be able to finish today.rel wdpondar 1
impliadoEngnempliadoEmployee.ov syntawan
importantiEng1adjimportanteImportant; valuable.May paningan amen din ang importanti ondamal.We have an important place to go tomorrow.2nimportansia3nkabuluhanImportance; significance.
imposibliEngadjimposibleImpossible.Anday imposibli ong Dios.Nothing is impossible with God.
-in-1v. affifxPast tense, undergoer or instrument focus.Binalik mo ra tang martilio?Have you returned the hammer?Onopay kinatep mo ong balay?What did you use to roof your house?
-in-2v. infixifxOccurs as an infix in certain verbs to show intensity.Nagini-yak tang mola ta todo-todo.The child cried hard nonstop.India kay maginimod mga may taw ang tata-lib, asilagana.Don't laugh out loud if there's a person passing by, he'll get mad at you.