Agutaynen - English


ilepvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enhigopTo sip something, such as soup.Mangilepa ta tabaw tenged ang sostansia na atan.Sip the soup because its nutrition is there.rel wdtelep 1
ilig1viActor: m-agosTo flow, as of water in a river or canal, or perspiration, blood, etc.Ang wi ang pagalin ong bokid gilig ong babakan.The water from the hills flows downhill.Pisan dang gilig tang inang mo ong boko-boko mo.Your perspiration is really flowing down your back.2vtUndergoer: ipa-, pa--enTo cause, direct water to flow in a certain direction.Tani ipailig mo tang wi ong dobali tang balay.Cause the water to flow here on the other side of the house.iligander.nPagboat tanira ta kanal para may iligan tang wi ong sirong tang balay.They made a canal so the water would have a place to flow underneath their house.
iligalEngadjIllegal.This refers to both illegal fishing and illegal logging.antligal
iligander. ofiligA place where water can flow.
iliksionEngnhalalanElection.rel wdkandidato 1lansar
iliktrisitiEngnelektrisidadElectricity.antkorinti 1
ilintirimisender. ofintirimisA person who is teased or insulted by others, or treated as a joke.
ilisinilisiPropeller on a motorboat.antpala2
ilo1nThread used for sewing.rel wdbenangbonil
ilo21adjpangiloPoisonous.Indi agpanganen siang bosisi tenged pangilo. That puffer fish is not edible because it is poisonous. 2viUndergoer: ma-To be poisoned by a natural substance or food.Binogan mo tang baboy ta komosing ilaw animan nailo. You fed the pig raw cassava, that's why it was poisoned. rel wddalit2 1lason 1
ilo3nulilaOrphan.rel wdampon
ilo-iloviUndergoer: ma-hiloTo feel dizzy.Nailo-ilō pa asing pagpanlinog.I felt dizzy during the earthquake.ov synteyeb 1rel wddeyegkalibegbeg
iloloak1nhalamanPlants. (This refers primarily to plants which have been intentionally planted and cultivated.)Indi likedan mo tang mga iloloak, itaben mapatay.Don't step on the plants, they might die.Boniagan mo kay tang iloloak ong lata.Please water the plants in the can.
iloloak2der. ofloakPlants.
ilotvar. ofhilotvtActor: maN-, magpa- Undergoer: -on, ipa-hilotTo massage muscles, joints; to set a fracture.Magpailoto rin tang boko-bokōng pirming pagsit.I'll have my back that is always hurting massaged.Pinailot na talabi tang molang napokod.Last night she had the child with the dislocated joint massaged. rel wdapros 1kangingilotder.nmanigilot1der.
imagnA type of oblong sea cucumber with rough, greenish-brown skin. (These are soft and spongy and good to eat.)rel wdbatonan 1
imalad1nPalm reading.2vtActor: maN-, magpa- Goal: -anTo read a palm; to have one's palm read.Ganing tang nangimalad ong yen madalio onong mabalo.The person who read my palm said I would soon become a widow.Mga magpaimalado ong taw ang asi, onopa magbayado?If I have that person read my palm, do I pay her?Patigayon mo kay ang paladan tang palado mga onopay soirtio.Please read my palm to see my fate will be.People consult a palm reader to find out what their fate will be, whether they will marry or become rich, how many children they will have, etc. If a palm shows bad luck, the person will try to counter it by drawing a cross with a ballpoint pen over the spot in the palm.rel wdhola 1manigimaladder.n
imalovi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -aniskandaloTo shout; to raise one's voice; to talk loudly, noisily.Animan pala, nagimalo tenged naboloat tang katep nira ang binanggil tang bato.Oh, so that's why they shouted because the roof of their house got a hole in it when stones were thrown at it.rel wditeg2
imaraviActor: maN-bihisTo change clothes; to get dressed.Nanimara tanandia tang lambong na tenged maboling dang pade-kan.She changed her clothes because they were dirty to look at.Indi maboay, panimarao pa.Just a minute, I'm still getting dressed. rel wdlambong 1tok 1imarander.nMga tomabidang mandelep, magekelang lagi ta panimaran mo.If you come along to swim, bring along a change of clothes.panimarander.
imarander. ofimaraA change of clothes.
imaymavar. ofimaimavstatUndergoer: -ensabikTo really enjoy something, without limit or control. (This usually refers to something new, to the point of not controlling oneself, like wearing new shoes constantly, or gulping down a cold soft drink that one seldom tastes.)Ang taw ang asia agimaymaen ong ba-long motorsiklo na animan sigi lamang tang pasikad.That person is really enjoying his new motorcycle and so he just continually drives it around.ov synkonsoilo 1pagostorel wdsablek
imaymayvtActor: mag Undergoer: -enhimaymayTo shred or pull meat apart.Imaymayen mo naning pitso tang mano tenged maglotoko rin ta pansit.Shred this chicken breast because I want to cook pancit.
imbeng1<Not Sure>1.1viFor a person to join in with others, join in an activity; to participate in an activity, game, etc.Minimbengo ang nagkayam ta balibol.I participated in the volleyball game.Indi amo mimbeng-imbeng ong mga boat ang maki-lep tenged asia andang pisan ay borak nang masinlo.Don't you participate in deeds of darkness because doing so does not result in any good thing (lit. fruit).1.2viFor a group of people to get together, gather together.Mamagimbeng-imbeng ita lagat-lagat para ong miting ta.We'll just get together later for our meeting.Tani amo kay! Mamagirimbeng itang magpiknik.Come! Let's get together for a picnic.2vi2.1vtTo live together as husband and wife, with or without being legally married; to commit adultery or fornication.Tanira ay pagimbengan da maski indi pa gakasal.They are living together even though they aren't married yet.