Agutaynen - English


i-katviActor: m-Becoming low tide.Itaben mi-kat da, ipaloa ta ra tang motor, ma-lan ita.Maybe it is becoming low tide, let's get the boat out now, we will be overcome by low tide.ov synpela 1
ikaw1adjmaikaw, ikawanmaramotSelfish; stingy.Ang mepet ang asia ikawan, maski sirgoilas lamang indi mandol.That old person is selfish, he won't even give any of his Spanish plums to others.2viActor: mag-To act selfishly, to be stingy.ov synispot 1
ikog1nbuntotTail of an animal; tail, back fin of a fish; last, at the end of the line, tail end.rel wdbalangikog2viActor: mangikog-ikogFor an animal to wag his tail.Mga babagat tang kiro ong agalen na pisan ang pangikog-ikog. When the dog meets his master it really wags its tail hard.3vtGoal: pa--anTo pin something on a person which resembles a tail, when playing a game.pintolan ta ikog1id.adjSi A-oy agrotosonong palon, midio ra pintolan ta ikog na ang pagsinikad tenged ong eled na.I chased after Little Boy to whip him and it was like he was running with his tail cut off because of his fear.
iksamvar. ofiksaminasionEngnAn examination; a test in school; a board exam.ov synbord
iksaminEngvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en To examine something.Ipaiksamin mo tang gik mo don ong laboratorio agod mata-wanan mga onopay masit mo.Have your urine examined there in the laboratory so that you know what your sickness is.ov syntelek 1rel wdimbistigarosisa
ikskorsionEng1nExcursion; picnic or outing.2viActor: mag-To go on an excursion.Nagikskorsion tanira don ong Ilog.They went on an excursion to Ilog.palagikskorsionander.n
iksplikarvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anpaliwanagTo explain.Iksplikaran mo kay tanandia mga onopay mo-yang ibolong mga may ana nang napaso.Please explain to her what the best treatment is if she has a child who gets burned.antpaintindi
ila1<Not Sure>1.1adjWild, untamed animals that are afraid to come near humans.Ang mga manong maila, maliwag ang depen.Chickens that are afraid to come near humans are difficult to catch.1.2viFor an animal to become wild, afraid of people.Indi kay rotoson mo tang baboy, sia mangila ra.Don't chase the pig, it will become afraid of people.antmalamantalam 22vi2.1adjFor a child to be clingy, shy, not wanting to go to people he doesn't know well.Ang molang na dorog kaila, anday palengetan na.This child is really clingy, there is no one he will go near.
i-labviActor: m-, mag-dighayTo belch or burp.Nai-laba ra, sia elena ra.You've already belched, it means you are already full.Pagi-lab si Tatay mga yading wing gainem na.Father burps when he drinks a lot of water.
ilaknA type of medium-sized to large-sized fish, round shaped with scales. (They have gray and black markings, or sometimes greenish-blue. They are caught in nets.)
ilala<Not Sure>11.1vtTo meet someone for the first time; to know or recognize someone or something; to be able to identify someone or something.Nailalao tanandia asing pagsiminar amen ong Puerto.I met her for the first time when we attended a seminar in Puerto [Princesa City].Midio gailala rin yen, sinopa tang aran mo?It seems I know you, what is your name?Gailalao tang lānga tang baka amen.I recognize the mooing sound of our cow.gailala2der.nilalado1der.1adj22.1vtTo introduce oneself or someone else to a third party.Galiago rin ang magpailala ong nindio mandian.I would like to introduce myself to all of you now.Ang tangayo may pinagari na ang galiag nang ipailala ong yen.My friend has a cousin who she wants to introduce to me.33.1vtTo recognize a person publicly; to acknowledge a person or admit to knowing them; to consider a person in a certain way.Indi ra gilalaen tang tatay tang ana nang soltiras ang nagabet.The father no longer acknowledges his daughter who got pregnant.May domang mga taw ang indi ilalaen nira si Jesus ang yay ang Dios.There are some people who do not recognize Jesus as being God.
ilalado1der. ofilalaWell-known; popular
ilalado2adjWell-known; popular; famous.Ang mga ilaladong taw yading pagboto ong nira.Well-known people have many people voting for them.ov synbantog 1sikat 1
ilapvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -en Goal: -anTo fillet fish or meat.Mangilapo kay tang yan ang nani tenged masabor ang kilawen.I'll fillet this fish because it will taste good to eat it raw.
ilat1viActor: ma-buhosFor something to spill, or spill out.Nailat tang wi ong baldi tenged natomba.The water spilled out of the bucket because it fell over.Way, may boloat tang sako, gailat da tang paray!Look, there's a hole in the sack, the rice is spilling out! 2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo spill or pour something out.Inilat tang kosi tang mantika don ong lamisan.The cat spilled the cooking oil there on the table.India magilat ta wi atan ong da-tal.Don't pour water out there on the floor.ov synbo-bok1 1rel wdbogit 13vtActor: magilat-ilat Undergoer: ilat-ilatenTo waste something by spilling it, letting it drip or overflow.India kay magilat-ilat ta wi, mapilay tang panoro.Don't waste the water by letting it spill, it is tiring to fetch water.
ilaw11<Not Sure>1.1adjRaw; unripe as of fruit, vegetables.Ilaw pa tang sandia ang sindol na ong yen.The melon she gave me is still unripe. antlotok 1antlotok 1.2palaglotokan1 2.4der. oflotoktegat 22adj2.1Raw; undercooked.Sinopay nagdongkol? Ilaw pa.Who cooked the rice? It is still undercooked. antlotok 1
ilaw2vi., vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -anTo go tide pooling for fish, crabs, snails, etc.; to go fishing within the reef, usually with a net.Manilaw ita mga pela ra para mamisik ita ta sikad-sikad.Let's go tide pooling at low tide so we can collect sikad-sikad snails.Ang gilawan nira ay poros silik.What they are tide pooling for are entirely sea urchins.Kada manilaw tang tatay ang ana na pirming tatabid.Whenever the father goes fishing with a net his son always goes along.On Agutaya, at low tide the tidal flat is exposed, making it easy to find edible sea cucumbers and small crabs, snails attached to sea grass, small fish caught in tidal pools. People collect these with their bare hands. Fish are caught by hand or stabbed with a machete. The catch is put into a woven basket or net bag. These snails, crabs, etc. serve as an important source of protein.rel wdpanti1 1tolok1 1panilawan1der.n
ildawviActor/Undergoer: ma-To long for something; to miss someone; feel lonely for a person.Galiago rin ang molik ong Agutayan, gaildawo rang mamangan ta silik.I really would like to go home to Agutaya, I am longing to eat sea urchins.Doro rang kaildaw na ono ong nindiong tanan atan.She says she is really lonely for all of you there.ov syndilem 1pongaw 1rel wddamay1nonot 1
ileg1vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: pa--ensaliTo participate in something; to join in the activities of others; to imitate others or go along with the crowd; to allow someone to join in, or imitate one's actions.India kay magileg-ileg ang manalpo, malbaya!Don't join in washing clothes, you'll get wet!Pagileg-ileg da tang kirong ge-ley ong nanay na ang pagkayaw mga labi.The puppy imitates its mother when she barks at night.India ra magileg ong mamolang pamagkayam tenged maslita ra.Don't join in the games of the youth because you're too old for that.Indi ra dapat magileg-ileg ang magkandidato tang anda ka lamang ay koarta nira.People who do not have any money should not participate in running as candidates.Angay indi pailegen mo tang ari mong magkayam?Why didn't you allow your younger brother to join in the playing?Indi pailegen mo tang ari mong manigarilio.Don't let your younger brother imitate you in smoking cigarettes.ov syna-pen 1imbeng 1tolad 12n., adjileg-ilegToken membership; one who joins a group without a commitment to fully participate.Ang pagirimbengen na ong asosasion tang mga babay ay tata lamang ileg-ileg. Her joining the women's association is just a token membership.
i-lekunspec. var. ofpelek
ilelemvi., vtActor: m- Goal: -anlimlim, yupyupFor a chicken to sit on her nest of eggs in order to hatch them.Pirapay gileleman tang mano?How many eggs is the chicken sitting on?rel wdebeb
ileng-ilengvi., vtActor: -om- Goal: -anumilingTo shake one's head sideways, usually denoting a negative response; to shake one's head at a person.Piro minileng-ileng tanandia ig minaning, "Belag ta tanandia tang na-led ong balay."But he shook his head and said, "He's not the one who came into the house."Angay aggileng-ilengano nio?Why are you shaking your head at me?rel wdtonga