Agutaynen - English


iget-igetvtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo make something creak, as a chair or bed, by wiggling it or moving it back-and-forth.Indi paiget-igeten mo tang kalarongan tenged itaben madolangan tang langga na.Don't wiggle the chair and make it creak because its brokenness might become worse.
ignorantiadjmangmangIgnorant; uneducated.
igo1viActor: Reduplication: magigoan, maginigoankasunduanTo agree together about something; to have an understanding.Nagigoan ami ra ang mangayeg lagat-lagat ang apon.We agreed with each other to harvest rice later this afternoon.Paginigoan da tanira animan nagprisintar da tang lali ong ginikanan tang babay.They have an understanding therefore the boy presented himself to the parents of the girl.Paginigoan da ka tang mga ginikanan nira ang magkatawan tang ana nira.Their parents agree together that their children will marry.ov synoyon2 1paigorel wdkomplotinigoan1der.pinaginigoan1der.nSigon ong pinaginigoan nira, ang tanek ong Villa Sol ipatobli ong karian lamang.According to their agreement, the land in Villa Sol will be given as an inheritance to just the youngest child.
igo2viActor: mag- kasya; sapatFor something to fit, to be the right size; to be enough, be sufficient, the right amount.Pagigo tang sapatos ong nio?Do the shoes fit you?Ang lambong ang sindol mo ong yen inding pisan magigo. The dress that you gave me doesn't fit me at all.Gaeyak ami tenged indi nagigo tang pamangan ang sinimpan amen asing pagbirtdayo.We were embarrassed because the food that we served during my birthday was not enough. rel wdsokol 1taket 1
igod11viActor: pa-, m-urongFor a person to move over; scoot over; to scoot along on the ground.Paigod-igoda kay ta ge-ley, masiadong maringet.Scoot over a little, it is very warm.Pilay tanandia animan gigod-igod da lamang.He is paralyzed therefore he just scoots along. 2vtUndergoer: ipa-To move something a short distance.Ipaigod ta tang lamisan atan ong may talamban.Let's move the table over there by the window.ov synboyag 1
igod21nA long, homemade bamboo rake used for spreading burning leaves and brush around a field in slash-and-burn farming.The end of the rake is made of a large split piece of bamboo with an intact branch sticking out at almost a 90-degree angle. The whole piece is attached to the end of a long bamboo pole by inserting the branch into the hollow end of the pole.antpaligidtoldagrel wdkamang 12vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo pull or spread burning brush around with this long rake.Igodon mo kay tang siniroko tenged alenget dang mapogdaw.Pull around the brush I've burned because the fire is almost burned down to ashes.antpaligid
igosnFig tree or fruit.
igparangalap1der. ofalapThe time, season for picking a certain fruit.
igparangalap2nThe time, season for harvesting, picking a certain fruit.Onopang bolanay tang igparangalap ta paomangga?What month is the season for picking mangoes?
igparasalodder. ofsalodThe amount paid out as a salary to someone.
igperenay1n1Time, or day, for resting.2Kaldaw ang IgperenayDay of Rest.
igperenay2der. ofpenayTime or day for resting.
igpit1adjmaigpit, kaigpithigpitStrict; stern; harsh.Asing tokaw ang timpo tang mga Kastila masiado tanirang maigpit. Long ago during the time of the Spanish they were very harsh. 2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo be strict; to treat others harshly.Ang tatay dorong magigpit ong mga ana na.The father is very strict with his children.ov synistrikto 1rel wdelet 1
igsaragda1nAnimals used as sacrifices.Asing tokaw, ang ogali tang mga Judio ay pamagbolontad ong Timplo ta sari-saring mga ayep ang igsaragda. In the distant past, the custom of the Jews was to offer at the Temple various kinds of animals to be used as blood sacrifices.
igsaragda2der. ofsagdaAnimals used as sacrifices.
igtorogdader. oftogdaThe date for planting rice.
ig--Vr<Not Sure>
ig--Vr-nompfxNominalizer affix which indicates either the time to do something, or a thing which is used for a special purpose.Ang Dominggo yay ang igperenay ang kaldaw. Sunday is the day of rest. Ang igparandigo ta mamola mga kaldaw da.Midmorning is the time to bathe children.Onopang bolanay tang igparangalap ta paomangga?What month is the month for picking mangoes?Asing tokaw, ang ogali tang mga Judio ay pamagbolontad ong Timplo ta sari-saring mga ayep ang igsaragda. In the distant past, the custom of the Jews was to offer at the Temple various kinds of animals to be used as blood sacrifices. rel wdpalaN-paN-2paraN-tagCV-timpo 1
ihasnSpanish word meaning 'children'.This refers to the Children of Mary, the group of older single women who are responsible for praying novenas to the Virgin Mary and are in charge of the children during the Ploris di Mayo festival. Their uniform is a white dress with a light blue scarf around the waist. They wear a scapular on a blue ribbon around their necks.rel wdapostolada
ihineheDrive shaft.rel wdilisi
ikagviActor: m-ilagTo hide from or avoid a person in order to avoid work or paying a debt; to keep one's distance; to stay out of someone's way.Ang taw ang naka pagaita na ong yen dayon dang napa-ngi ong baybay, gikag ang may otang na.That person right there, when he saw me he proceeded to go around to the beach, he is hiding since he has a debt to me.Yading gikag ong taw ang asia, pirming pagekel ta ged, taben manibat.Many people are staying out of that person's way, he's always carrying a machete, he might cut someone.ov synpali-wan
ikakao-ya1nSomething which is for the benefit of, or well-being of a person.Ang masinlong pagaradien ta tatang adi ay para ong ikakao-ya tang nandiang inadian.The good reign of a king is for the benefit of his kingdom.rel wdkao-yaen 1
ikakao-ya2der. ofo-yaSomething which is for the benefit of, or well-being of a person.
i-kamviActor: mag-To clear one's throat.Pirmiong pagi-kam i-kam mga labi, sigoro tenged malamig.I'm always clearing my throat at night, maybe because it is cold.ov synakakrel wdonglot
ikap-ikapngamu-gamoFlying termites which come out of the ground right before it rains.anttalimbiaga