Agutaynen - English


ipokvActor: ma-To accidentally step in something dirty and sticky, usually an animal's feces.Naipoko ta taki ta baka don ong karsada.I accidentally stepped in some cow manure there on the road.ov synliked 1rel wdlamet
ipok-ipok1adjSmeared.Manalamina, way ang lipstik mo ipok-ipok! Look in the mirror, your lipstick is smeared! 2vtUndergoer: -onTo make a messy, uneven, sloppy job of something, such as applying an excess of paint, lipstick, etc.Mga magpintorā, indi ipok-ipokon mo.When you paint, don't make it sloppy. ov synsapak
ipoksiEngnEpoxy glue.
iponnhiponSmall pink shrimp on mainland Palawan which are found in large numbers at the mouth of rivers. (They can be soused in water and salt to make a salty sauce or paste, also referred to as ipon, or shrimp paste. This is bagoong in Tagalog.)rel wdyaho
ipoy1vstatUndergoer: -onTo suffer from smelly ear drainage.Ang kiro amen pirming aggipoyon. Our dog is always suffering from smelly ear drainage. 2nkilipoyEar drainage with a bad, smelly odor.
irakviActor/Undergoer: ma-inggitTo envy, be envious.Gairak tenged masinlo tang lambong tang logod na.She is envious because her sister's dress is beautiful.antibeginggitov synkimonsilos
iramal1ntanghalianLunch.2vi., vtActor: manamal Undergoer/Instrument: ipanamalTo eat lunch; something used for the viand for lunch.Ong bokid ita ra lamang manamal tenged alawid pa mga molik ita.We'll just eat our lunch at the field because it is too far if we go home.rel wdbaw2 1yapon2 1
irawnA type of medium-sized black snake which is not poisonous. (They are very common and often live in houses and therefore are called taw ta balay, the person of the house.)
irihisarchaicnpamahiinSuperstitions; demons.antliliyen1liliyen2der. ofli2
irinemen1der. ofinemAlcohol; liquor.
irinemen2nalakAlcoholic drink; hard liquor; "hot" drinks.ov synbinobinotilia2der. ofbotiliadiario2 1
iringkibander. ofingkibA large rock that can be gnawed on for this purpose.
irinsianlahi; kamaganakEthnic race; nationality; bloodline; distant relatives.Postora tang mga ana nira tenged may irinsia nira ong Kastila.Their children are beautiful because they have Spanish blood. Yading mga kairinsian amen ang tarin da pagistar ong Roxas.We have many relatives already living here in the town of Roxas.rel wddogo 1inampolahirasa
irintindien1der. ofintindiThings to attend to; things one is interested in.
irintindien2nThings to attend to, take care of.Yadi tang mga irintintindieno mga maoliko ong Agutaya.I have many things to attend to when I go home to Agutaya.ov syntaralongaen2
irisEngvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enburaTo erase something.Irisen mo tang blakbord ba-loa molik.Erase the blackboard before you go home.
irit1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo celebrate by paying for the refreshments; to have or give a "blow-out".Jose, magirita kay ta Coke ong yamen tenged napasara ong bord mo.Jose, celebrate by buying Coca-Cola soft drinks for us because you passed your board exam.rel wdpakonsoiloder. ofkonsoilo
irit2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -anTo drive a vehicle or boat fast.Indi amo magirit tang motor ong takat, mākapit amo ta mola.Don't drive your motorcycles fast, you will run over a child.Asing napaning ami ong Cuyo, iniritan ni Jose tang motor, animan ang sikad amen tang oras da lamang may tenga.That time we went to Cuyo island, Jose drove the boat fast and so our trip was only one and a half hours.ov syndasig 1
irmitanionhermitañoHermit.ov synkatian
irsisiovar. ofhersisyonExercise.ov syndisiplina 1sanay 1
isi1nngipinTooth; teeth.rel wdbangkil 1belkagpaneksek
isi2<Not Sure>11.1nFlesh of humans and animals; meat.Mga magmatada amo ta baboy andamal, ang poros isi na tang galiganong bakalen.When you butcher a pig tomorrow, what I would like to buy is pure meat. Isi tang yen ang isi, doli tang yen ang doli.say.11.1nThe flesh, i.e. the inside edible part of certain fruits, vegetables, and edible snails.Anda pay isi na tang kamosi.The cassava plant doesn't have any tuber (lit. flesh) yet.Indi mapangan tang silik mga ge-ley pa tenged anda pay isi na.You can't eat a sea urchin if it's still small because it doesn't have any meat (lit. flesh) inside it yet.
Isi tang yen ang isi, doli tang yen ang doli.say. ofisi2Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone. (This refers to one's spouse, similar to the verse in Genesis 2:23.)
isiannMollusks such as snails, sea urchins, etc. which still have the live animal (flesh, meat) inside and can be cooked and eaten.ov synpakinaten 1shils