Agutaynen - English


Hulyoprop. nHulyoJuly.
Hunyovar. ofHunioprop. nHunyoJune.
Huwebesprop. nHwebesThursday.
Huwebes Santoprop. nMaundy Thursday, literally, Holy Thursday.On this day of Holy Week, 12 young men dressed as the 12 apostles go around house to house with a large crucifix. They say prayers at each house. Then the people in the house respectfully kiss the crucifix and give the men a donation before they continue to the next house. In the evening mass is held at the church. There is a reenactment of the Last Supper and the foot washing, in which the priest washes the feet of the 12 apostles. Afterwards there is a banquet for the priest, apostles, lay ministers, mayor, and other guests.

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