Agutaynen - English


eragviUndergoer: ma--anmanibalangBecoming almost ripe.Ang kawmangga mi don ong aboat gaeragan da.Your mangoes there uphill are becoming almost ripe. ov synebal 1
ered1<Not Sure>1.1viFor something to sink deeply into something, out of sight; for a person or animal to hide oneself behind something; or disappear into something.Indi ito-iton mo tang mata mo agod ang poling indi mēred ong idalem.Don't rub your eyes so that the dirt won't sink in deep (i.e. under the lid).Ang batonan mga inding lagi mabiotan gēred ong kenay ig indi makomit.If you don't immediately grab the sea cucumber it will disappear into the sand and you can't get it.May molang gēred asi ong dobali tang balay mo, may talak na sigoro.There's a child hiding there on the other side of your house, maybe there's something he's done wrong.1.2adjShy; bashful; hesitant to talk to people.antbibo2adj2.1vtTo hide, put something away for safe keeping.Ang ged ong aripa inered mo?Where did you put (lit. sink, hide) my machete?2.2vTo hide, save, "stash" money away.Palbetay ka ta ibakalo ta belat, yawa mo-yāng mangered-ered. Please loan me some money to buy rice, you are good at stashing money away.3v3.1vtTo plant vegetable seeds, banana plants, etc. (literally, to sink the seeds or roots into the ground).Mangeredo ra rin ta kamosi.I'm going to plant cassava (lit. sink it into the ground).palangeredder.nTagkokoran da. Palangered da.It's already rainy season. It's time to plant.
erekaynerekayNative songs. (These songs have mostly disappeared from the culture, now that the young people are not learning them from their elders.)
erep11vstatUndergoer: -aninip; pootTo feel irritated, annoyed, frustrated; in extreme cases, to feel mad or angry.Gerepano mga agbitalāno ang anday tatalako.I feel angry if I am scolded when I have not done anything wrong.ov syndemet 1kayetsilag 12vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo provoke someone, making them irritated or angry.Indio paerepen mo, itaben yawa'y panalongan ta.Don't provoke me, you might be the one I take it all out on.makaerep1der.adjMakaerep tang koran kaldaw-kaldaw da lamang.When all it does is rain every day it is very irritating. malaerepen1der.adjDoroag kamalaerepen, indiang pisan mawid tang sadili mo.You are so easily irritated, you really can't control yourself.antmapinasinsiaen2der. ofpasinsia
erep2nThe sharp edge of a knife or blade.Dorog tarem tang erep tang labaha.The razor's edge is very sharp.antlindo 1lindo 2
erep ta barinanDrill or auger bit.
ereynA type of root crop that grows wild.The tuber is black and fuzzy when ripe. In the past, people used it as food, but no longer. The stalks are soft, blackish green in color with leaves at the top. They grow under other trees. Nowadays the stalks are cut up and boiled with grated coconut and fed to pigs.
eted1nbaktawChalk line, i.e. a carpenter's tool used for making a straight line on a log or piece of wood before chainsawing or cutting it.Instead of white chalk, black battery carbon is used. The carbon is moistened and rubbed on a nylon line attached lengthwise to the wood. Then the line is pulled up tight and quickly released with a snapping motion. The carbon on the line leaves a straight, black line on the wood.antpitik2 22vtGoal: -anTo make a chalk line on a piece of wood.Etedan kang lagi agod mato-lid tang panawan tang chainsaw.Make a chalk line first so that the way the chainsaw goes (lit. walks) will be straight.antpitik2 1
etel1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo pinch and twist hard so that it hurts.Ang lolao, ang boi pa, mareges ang mangetel ong mga ampo na.When my grandmother was still alive she was fond of pinching her grandchildren.Inetelo ni Nanay ong itako tenged nagaligo.I was pinched hard by Mother on my thigh because I roamed around the town.2vt2.1To snap or break something off by pinching it; to pinch something off, such as a grain head.Mintras tatalib tanira ong koma pamantel ta koay tang paray, oman geyeben.As they were passing through the fields they were pinching off grain heads and eating them.
e-tem1vtActor: mag- Undergoer/Goal: -enTo intentionally hold back, restrain one's urge to urinate, or desire to eat; to hold one's breath when crying.Page-tem tang mola tang i-yak na animan indi ra malinawa.The child is holding back her cries and therefore she can't breathe.Masit tang po-kon mga page-tem ita tang gik ta.Our lower abdomen hurts when we hold back our urine.Angay agge-temen mo tang letem mo?Why are you restraining your hunger?2vUndergoer: ma-To temporarily lose one's breath; have the "wind knocked out".Asing pagsipa na ong yen nae-temo pa ong sobrang kasit.When he kicked me I temporarily lost my breath because of the extreme pain.ov synawid 1ge-tatpegeng 1
eyinterjInterjection used to draw attention to something; Oh...; Hey...!Ey, aggoyana!Hey, you are being called!Ey, anday sasayod tang bindoat mong asia.Oh, what you did was not nice.rel wday5oy 1
eya-eyanmakahiyaBashful mimosa plant. (This plant is small, with sensitive leaves which fold in when touched.)
eyakunspec. var.gaeyak1nhiya, kimiShame.2adjmakaeyaknakakahiyaShameful; embarrassing; disgraceful.Makaeyak! Pinādalana pa yen, tapos babatoka pa ong yen?Shameful! I sent you to school and then you are talking back to me?Makaeyak ong bisita ta tenged pirmiang baleng.It is embarrassing to our visitors because you are always drunk.ov synlāway 13vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo shame, embarrass, or disgrace someone or oneself.Angay pinaeyako ra ka nio ong karakelan ta taw?Why did you shame me in front of a group of people?Pagpaeyaka lamang tang sadili mo ong agboaten mo.You are just embarrassing yourself by what you are doing.4vtUndergoer: ikaeyakTo be ashamed of someone else.Agkakaeyak na tang tatay na tenged indi mābasa.He is ashamed of his father because he cannot read.5vstatUndergoer: ma-To feel shy, ashamed, or embarrassed; to be embarrassed to do something; bashful.Gaeyak tanandiang magtayaw tenged indi mātako.He is embarrassed to folk dance because he doesn't know how.Korsonadao tang babay ang asia piro geyako ong nandia.I really like that girl but I feel shy around her.6adjmeleyaken, maraeyakenmahiyainVery shy; easily embarrassed; bashful; quiet.Angay meleyakena, kapostora mong asia?Why are you so shy, after all you are very pretty?ov synenlek 1rel wddamel 1
eyebvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en Goal: -anTo bite, crack, or tear something open with the teeth, such as grain, seeds, etc. (The husk will be left, but the contents are eaten.)Maosay ang mageyeb ta paray tang ambe.Rats are good at biting open and eating rice grains.Ang binik aggeyeben da tang ambe. Anda ra.The seeds are being eaten by rats. There's nothing left (i.e. but empty husks).Eyeban mo kay tang paray mga poidi rang gilingen.Please bite open a grain of rice to see if it's ready to be milled.
eyeg-eyegvtUndergoer: -onTo shake something back-and-forth.Mga magsekeba ta belat indi poiding eyeg-eyegen para india malogi.When you measure out the rice it shouldn't be shaken so that you won't have a loss.Ayaw! Indi kay eyeg-eyegen mo tang katri, masīt tang kolō.Don't! Please don't shake the bed back-and-forth, my head hurts.ov synlongko-longkooyog-oyog 1
eyep<Not Sure>11.1nThe blowing of the wind.1.2nThe wind.Malamig da tang eyep tang mageyep. The blowing of the wind has become cool.1.3vi., vtFor the wind to blow; for the wind to blow on something.Mga geyep da tang mageyep ong abagat, maliag yaning koliada ra.When the wind blows from the southwest, it means it is going to become windy and rainy.Geyep-eyep da tang kambian.The northwest wind is starting to blow.Mandian geyep-eyep, belag ta maringet.Today it's breezy, it's not hot.Ineyep tang mageyep tang daing ang agpakaldaw, animan nabo-log ong kenay.The wind blew the fish that was being dried in the sun, that's why it fell down into the sand.lebay tang mageyep1der.adjNagparti tang eyep tang mageyep.say.11.1vtTo blow on something; to blow, play an instrument.Eyepen mo tang apoy para madaling demēt.Blow on the fire so it will quickly start to burn.Sinopay gatakong mageyep ta trompita?Who knows how to blow the trumpet?22.1vtTo have a folk healer, an albolario, or a person possessing some kind of power blow ginger on a body part in order to heal it of an illness.Magpaeyepo rin ta loya ong albolario tenged indio mapoyat.I'll have the folk healer blow ginger on me because I can't sleep.