Agutaynen - English


emēmvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enbabadTo soak or submerge something in water for a length of time so that it absorbs the water.Inēm na kang lagi tang lomabeng ong wi ta pirapang oras agod madali rang lagaen.She first soaked the beans in water for a few hours so they would be boiled quickly (i.e. would quickly get soft).Ang ba-long sawili dapat ēmen kang lagi ong talsi ta magdamal para mabaked.New bamboo walling should first be submerged in the ocean overnight so that it will be strong.ov synamegmedmedrel wdtem
-em-v. affifxInfinitive or future tense, actor focus.Malagat ang apon temegbengo. Later this afternoon I will go down to town.
emem1<Not Sure>1.1nHandful; fistful.Olday ka ta tang emem ang belat, logawono rin.Please give me a handful of rice, I'll make it into porridge.1.2vtTo hold, grasp in the hand; to hold a handful of something.Ememen mo ra lamang naning kendi, indi ra bongotono.Just hold this candy in your hand, I'm not going to wrap it up.2vt2.1viTo make a fist.Way, pangemem da, sigoro magigsontok da ong aroman na!Look, he's making a fist, maybe he'll slug his companion!2.2nFist.3n3.1vtTo control another person's action; to have control over someone (literally, to hold the person in one's hand, grasp).Angay midio ememeno ra ka nio?Why does it seem you are trying to have control over me? (lit. grasping me in your hand)Ang babay ang asia pisan ang aggememen tang katawa na.That woman is really controlled by her husband (literally, is being tightly held in his hand).
e-mengvi., vtActor: m- pl. mamansi- Undergoer: e-meng e-menganTo crouch down in order to hide or spy on someone; for a bird or animal to scrunch up or curl up in a ball to protect themselves.Pamansie-meng tang mga taw ong kakawayanan tenged geldan ang itaen tang Aponis.The people were crouching down in the bamboo grove because they were afraid of being seen by the Japanese.Ine-meng e-mengano rin tang mamolang pangalap tang kasoy, piro indi nailalao.I crouched down and spied on the children picking the cashew fruit, but I didn't recognize who they were.rel wdered 1
emet1nmukha, pisngiFace; cheek.2vtUndergoer: paemetanTo recognize a person; to remember or recall a person's face.Nailala kaman ni Jose tang mga logod na piro indi napaemetan nira tanandia.Jose recognized his siblings but they did not remember his face. rel wdilala 1itsora 1
-env. affsfxInfinitive or future tense, undergoer focus.Na tang galiaganong bakalen. This is the one I would like to buy. Bakaleno na.I will buy this.
ena-enavi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo think evilly eof someone; to think evil, accusing thoughts.Asing pagabasi nira ta sing bitala na, namagena-ena ong sadili nira.When they heard those words of his, they thought evil, accusing thoughts to themselves.ov synlaom 1rel wdbandan
enasannkatihanArea inside the reef which becomes a tidal flat at low tide.Ang mga ogak pamagdilem ta mapangan nira ong enasan. Crows look for for things they can eat in the tidal flat. This is where people gather shells, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and small fish during low tide.
enatvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enhangoTo remove, take something off the stove.Enaten mo kay tang kaldiro don ong langen.Please remove the pot from the cooking stove.Way, ang kindiaw ang yan inenat da tang kiro.Look, the grilled fish has been taken off the stove by the dog.
enayunspec. var. ofpenay
enem1card. numanimSix.Enem aming mamaglogod.My siblings and I are six. 2ord. numyaenemSixth.3dist. numtaglenemSix each.4vtUndergoer: -enTo make, increase the number of something to six.Enemen mo lamang tang i-dol mong yan ong nandia.Make the fish you give to her six pieces.
enem ang polokcard. numSixty.
Eneroprop. nEneroJanuary.
enged1ptlReally; very; indeed; absolutely.Yawa ka enged ay agbandanan ang nangomit tang koarta na.You indeed are being suspected of taking his money.Talagang doroa ka enged ang kalalang.Truly, you are really very insistent.Ang obra mong asia ang pirming inem, anda enged ay kinapolotan na.Your work there, which is always drinking, there is absolutely no usefulness to it.rel wdpisan
enged21advsadyaIntentional; deliberate; on purpose.India masilag, belag ta enged. Don't get angry, it was not intentional. antsadia 22vi., vtActor: mag- Reduplication: mag--an Undergoer: -enTo do something intentionally.Indi gengedeno piro na-pet tang banggilong bato.I wasn't intending it, but she was accidentally hit by the rock I threw.Ang doroang maglogod pagarnisan si, sia ong ori magengedan. The two brothers are sword fighting again, maybe in the end they will do it intentionally.antsadia 1rel wdsoboton 1
engep1adjengepansakimGreedy.Ang ana nang karian engepan, ang galiagan na nandia lamang tang tanan ang lambong.Her youngest child is greedy, she wants all the clothes for herself.2vtActor: mag-To be greedy; to take a large share of something.Mamagparti-parti ita lamang tang yan, anday yadi, indi amo magengep. Let's divide up the fish, and since there's not a lot, don't take it all for yourselves.ov synakeg 1
engey1adjTo be crazy. (This does not usually refer to true mental illness.)2viUndergoer: ma--anTo feel as if one is going crazy.Gaengeyan da tang anā na tenged pirming agbitalān na.Her child is going crazy because she is always scolding him.ov synbeyeg 1
engtedvtActor/Undergoer: m- Goal: -antakotTo feel frightened, uneasy; to retreat or back away from.India mengted ong taw ang asi, poidi tanandiang pagigampangan ta masinlo.Don't be afraid of that person, she can be talked to nicely.Maski maiteg tang katawao indi gengtedano. Even though my husband is violent I don't back away from him.ov syneled 1
enlekvi1Actor: m-For something to slip down, disappear into an opening.Minenlek tang pabilo tang kingki tenged malogak.The wick of the little lamp has slipped down because it is loose.Ang olita genlek ong balay na. Mga belaga ta maptik ang bomoyot, india mākomit.The octopus disappears down into its house. If you aren't quick, you won't be able to catch it.ov synered 12Actor: genlek-enlek To duck down, hide oneself behind something; to peek around a corner due to feeling shy or embarrassed.Genlek enlek tanandia tenged gaeyek ong mga bisita.She is ducking down and hiding because she is shy of the visitors.antbiboov synered 1gaeyakunspec. var. ofeyakge-ley 1
epat1card. numapatFour.2ord. numyapatFourth.3dist. numtaglepatFour each.
epat ang polokcard. numForty.
epeng1vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo dive down deep to get something.Aggepengen na tang tambalang ang dadagta.He is diving down for the seaweed that is washing out.ov syntigsok 1
epeng2nsamaralA type of of fish with sharp, spiny fins which cause extreme pain. (These are similar to the babaloan species of fish. They are brown and do not have scales. They are found around the edge of the coral reef and are usually caught in nets. They are good to eat when grilled.)rel wdbabaloanbolawitlomalaod
epet1vt1Actor: mag- Undergoer: -anTo work as a domestic helper by caring for someone's children; to watch over someone's child, like a baby sitter.Tanandia ay galiliag ang magepet ta mola don ong Amerika.She wants to be a domestic helper and care for children in America.Epetan mo kay tang anao tenged mamedbedo rin.Please watch my child because I need to sew.ov synbantay1 12Actor: maN- Undergoer: -anTo raise or care for a someone else's domesticated animal.Galiliago rin ang mangepet tang baka mo agod may partio ka.I'd like to care for your cow so I can have a share in it.Ong ninopa inepetan mo tang bakang agbadbadan mo?Who did you have watch over the cow you are pasturing?Paepetay ka ta mano ang similiaeno.Please allow me to raise some chickens that I'll use as breeding stock.A person who does this receives one or more of the offspring when the animal gives birth.; The one given the chickens to raise is given at least one hen and one rooster. After they have mutiplied, the owner of the original pair is given a share of the chickens.ov synsagodmanigepetder.nMangepeta ta manong bokay?2say.
epet2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -anTo possess something exclusively, not available to others.Ang albolariong asi may gepetan nang langis para pambolong ong gabognoan.That folk healer has in his possession oil for healing a person who has been made ill by another's flattery.rel wdmagkatinirmay2 1