Agutaynen - English


dapogvtActor: mag- Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo spread, cover a cleared field with dry leaves, branches, coconut palm fronds and brush, which will then be burned in preparation for planting the field.Agdapogan nira tang tali-sip ta paloa.They are covering the cleared field with coconut palm fronds.Maga-wat ita ta idapog ta ong tali-sip.Let's carry something to use for burning in the cleared land.rel wdgala
daragese1adjLoud, harsh, forceful way of speaking or conversing.Pirming daragese tang ampang mi, indi amo mapagampang ta maloay?Your conversing is always loud and harsh, can't you speak softly?antalam-alam2vtUndergoer: -enTo speak loudly or harshly o someone.Indi daragesen mo tang kiro, itaben alatena.Don't speak harshly to the dog, you might be bitten.antalam-alamov syndaget-dagetdalawdawlegda1 1
daratelan1nChopping board; cutting board.antparanda-nan3ov syntara-tadan
daraydayender. ofdaydayWood to be chopped.
dasinSalty air.Ang mga dapo indi maboi tarin ong alenget ong baybay tenged ong dasi tang talsi.The orchids can't live here near the seashore because of the salty air of the ocean.
dasig1advmadasig, kadasigmabilis; tulinFast; swift; quickly.Indi ita kay panaw ta madasig, aggapōno.Let's not walk fast, I'm out of breath.Ang manigsinikad nira ong GAMNHS dorog kadasig. Their runner at Gaudencio Abordo Memorial National High School is very fast. 2vtUndergoer: pa--enTo drive a vehicle fast; to cause oneself to walk or run fast.Mga magpasikada tang motor, indi ka padasigen mo.When you drive the motorcycle, don't cause it to go fast.antloay-loay 1lobay 1maloay 1ov synirit2
dasterEngndasterDuster, housedress.
data1nbisaValue; usefulness.Anday data na tang mga pa-kal nira tenged nalangga ra tang generator nira.Their lights have no more usefulness because their generator is broken.ov synkointa1pakinabang2der. oftabangpolot
data21nA charge or accusation against someone.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anbintangTo accuse someone of doing something, without sufficient evidence.Tanandia tang pirming agdatān ang panakaw ta mano.He's the one always being accused of stealing chickens.ov synbandanrel wdakosar
da-tal1nsahigFloor.Nalapik da tang da-tal, sigoro gabok da.The floor broke, maybe it is already rotten.2vtActor: mag- Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo make a floor; to put flooring over something; to use something for flooring material.Onopa tang i-datal mi ong ba-long balay ang agboaten mi, kawayan obin tabla?What will you use for flooring in the new house you are building, bamboo or wooden planks?Da-talan mo kay tang telang ang mabael agod indi mapo-lot tang kakay ta.Put flooring over the big open cracks so that our feet won't slip through.
datelvtActor: maN- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anTo chop or cut things up on a hard surface or cutting board; to use an instrument or a hard surface in place of a cutting board.Mga maggereta ta siboyas, india mandatel atan ong lamisan!When you cut up the onions, don't chop them up there on top of the table! (i.e. don't use the table like a cutting board)Indi idatel mo tang ged ong bato, itaben mabingaw.Don't use the machete to chop things up on top of the rock, it will become nicked.daratelan2der.paranda-nan1der.n
datenvtUndergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -anpisilTo press on something, or press down on something; to put pressure on something.Indi mādateno tang kakayong masit ang naigadan.I can't put pressure on my foot that hurts from being wounded.Indi da-nan mo tang salamin, sia mapetek.Don't put pressure on the glass, it might crack.Idaten mo ta osto tang kolo mo ong moala.Press your head well against the pillow. (Meaning, to settle down and go to sleep.)ov synden 1pegeng 1daratelan3der.antparanda-nan3pandatenan1der.nNaning libro tang pandatenan mo mga magsolata.This book is what you can use as a pad [under your paper] when you write.paranda-nan2der.n
dati1adjdatiPrevious; former.Nagbalik tanandia ong dating ogali na.He has returned to his former habits.2statdatian daTo have lived in a place previously.Datian da tanandia tarin, animan gata-wanan na rang tanan.She's already lived here previously, that is why she knows everything.
daton1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtTo walk behind a person; to go later; to follow behind or after a person.Tongkaw amo ra, domatono lamang.You go ahead, I'll just go later. 2vi., vt2.1adjFollowing; next.Ong domaton ang Dominggo magikskorsion ita.Next Sunday let's go on an excursion.Tanandia tang diminaton ong yen.She is the one who follows me (i.e. in birth order in the family).2.2vtThe thing which a person will do next, following something else.Nani tang idaton mong obraen.This is the work you'll do next.
dawanlingaSmall, round grain, such as millet, sesame seeds, poppy seeds. (Some types can be made into porridge, others can be fed to birds.)
dawa-dawanA type of seaweed, similar to latok with grape-like clusters but smaller. (It can be eaten raw, dipped in vinegar.)ov synlatok 1
dawatvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anabotTo reach, hand something to someone; to reach out and take something that is being handed.Patigayon mo kay ang idawat tang diksionario tenged gamiteno rin.Kindly hand me the dictionary because I will use it.Dawaten mo kay naning mga sinalpoan, indio ra koma-yat. Please reach out and take these laundered clothes, I won't bother to climb up the stairs.ov syndoydoyonopay agdawaten tang linawa na; onopay agdawaten tang sian naid.exprSi Lola indi mamangan ta linogaw, animan paoyon-oyonan mo ra lamang tang onopay agdawaten tang linawa na. Grandma is not eating porridge, so just go along with whatever she wants to eat (literally, whatever her breath is reaching for).
dawi1nA catch of fish.2vtActor: ma- Undergoer: -anTo catch fish.Nadawi ami ta yading yan.We caught a lot of fish.ov synkomit 1ta-bettondi 1
dayavi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -endayaTo cheat in a game; to cheat a person.Nagdaya tanira ong kayam animan namandeg.They cheated in the game that is why they won.rel wdkodigo 1loko
dayadornA cheater.rel wdmanloloko2
dayagvi., vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo cry or sob in sorrow; to wail and say words at the same time, usually when someone has died; for a dog to howl at night.Angay pagdayaga? Onopay nainabo?Why are you wailing? What has happened?Pamagdayag tang mga kiro talabi, sigoro may mapatay si.The dogs were all howling last night, maybe someone else will die.This is a signal that someone will die, known as panoloy.ov syntangittangolrel wdi-yakmanigdayagder.nAng ogali tang mepet ang asi, manigdayag kada may mapatay.The habit of that old woman, she's the person who wails every time someone dies.
dayamdamnInsects such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, flying termites, centipedes, scorpions.ov synayep-ayep
dayan-dayanvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-, -en To rock a baby in one's arms.Idayan-dayan mo tang mola agod magpoas tang i-yak.Rock the baby in your arms so it will stop crying.rel wddoyan 1