Agutaynen - English


dangatarchaicvtActor: ma- Undergoer: -enTo achieve one's goal; to experience something; one's destiny or fate.Nagprosigir ang nagadal animan nādangat ta kinoa-yaen na.He strived hard studying therefore he achieved his good fortune.Indi gata-wanan nang kamatayen palá tang dangaten na.He didn't know that death would be his fate. ov synpapil 1pasar1soirti 1tegka 1toman 1
dangaw1ndangkalA measurement, the breadth of one hand span.2vtUndergoer: -enTo measure something in hand spans.Dangawen mo kay patigayon tang amek tenged indi gata-wanan ta tang kāboat na.Kindly measure the mat in hand spans because we don't know the length.
dangdangvtActor: magpa- Undergoer: -endarangTo warm oneself by a fire; to warm something up by placing it close to a fire.India magpadangdang atan ong langen tenged nandigoa.Don't warm yourself there at the stove because you just bathed.Ang daon tang makasla dangdangen mo agod ipa-pet ta tani ong nābonggō.Warm the makasla leaves by the fire so that we can put them here where I bumped myself.Some people believe that after taking a bath, a person should not get close to a fire. The heat will affect their body and they will get sick.; The warmth of the fire causes the leaf to become soft and pliable and it helps to relieve pain.
dāngdāngvi., vtActor: maN-, mapaN- Undergoer: -enTo do something abruptly or in a rush, not carefully or slowly; to act in an abrupt manner, without respect or consideration for others; to "march right in" and do something.Mga magosaya tang tamsi, indi dāngdāngen mo, mas magsibol.When you untangle the fishing line, don't rush it or it will become even more tangled up.Dināngdāng tang mola tang maistra na asing pagta-lib na, talaga anday galang na.The child treated his teacher abruptly when he passed by, really he has no respect."Mama-dola kay ta golay ong kamalay." "Ey indio! Gaeyako, indio gapandāngdāng don.""Ask for some vegetables from the neighbor." "Oh no! I'm embarrassed to, I'm not able to go right over there."Indio pandāngdāng ong balay ang indi ganadano.I don't just march right into a house that I'm not used to going over to.
dangep1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo refer a problem to the correct authorities.Idangep mo ong ostisia tang taw ang nanontok ong katawa mo agod māyos tanira.You refer the person who punched your husband to the peace officer so that they can be reconciled.2vt2.1viFor something to automatically go towards, be attracted to something like a magnet; to be drawn to something.Mga pagtayona ta gasolina dapat india manigarilio, itaben domangep tang tongaw tang gasolina ong sigarilio oman somilab da.When you are pouring gasoline you should not smoke, the fumes of the gasoline might be attracted to the cigarette and then burst into flames.
dangidāngiviUndergoer: -om-, ma-For food to give off a bad smell when it is accidentally burned.Aroy! Ang dinongkolo diminangi ra!Oh! The rice I cooked is already smelling like it's burning! Goalen mo tang aglotokon mong karni para indi mongaw ta madangi. Stir the meat you are cooking so that it does not smell burned.
dangoyviActor: domangoy, magdangoy-dangoyTo walk through shallow water from a boat to the beach; to wade in the ocean.Domangoy ita ra lamang, indi ra masa-sad tang motor ong baybay, dibabaw da.Let's just walk through the shallow water, the boat can't get all the way to the beach since the tide is already low.Pagdangoy-dangoy tang molang ge-ley ong binit tang baybay.The small child is wading at the edge of the shore.ov syntogbo 1
danio1nA type of curse causing stomachaches, swollen stomach, or a confused mental state.The curse can come from a sapat spirit in the forest, or a person, like a rejected lover or a rival.2vtActor: mag-, magpa- Goal: -an, pa--anTo put a curse on someone.Nagsit da tang sian tang molang ge-ley, sigoro dinanioan don ong bokid.The child's stomachaches, maybe she was cursed there in the countryside.ov synpintas 1
danopainterr. pl. prnWho (plural); Whose (plural); Whom (plural).Danopa tang mga bakang narin?Whose cows are these?rel wdninopa 1sinopa 1
daon1<Not Sure>1.1nLeaf of a plant, tree.Siligen mo kay tang mga daon ong binit tang dalan.Please sweep the leaves on the side of the street.1.2viFor leaves to form, appear on a tree; for a tree to form new leaves, to leaf out.Pandaon si ta ba-lo tang paomangga, pomalet si sigoro.The mango tree is now forming new leaves, maybe it will get windy again.2vi2.1nA page (lit. leaf) of a book.
daon ta nioynCoconut palm leaves.Ang paod ang daon ta nioy belag ta mabaked ang pario ta nipa.Woven shingles made of coconut palm leaves are not strong like those made of nipa palm leaves.Coconut palm leaves when stripped from the fronds can be used for weaving shingles, called paod.
dapa1nCover of a pot; lid.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -antakipTo cover something with a lid; to cover something up.Dapān mo kay tang pamangan ba-lo italok ong aparador.Please cover the food before hiding it away in the cupboard.Dapa-dapān mo tang papil mo, itaben ang katepad mo mangopia ong nio.Cover up your paper, the person next to you might copy from you.rel wdampil 1kobri 1sada 1ta-lak 1
dapaknA type of yellowish-brown wide-bodied fish, caught with hook and line.
dapalvtActor: mag- Undergoer/Goal: -ansampalTo slap or smack a person or animal on the face or head.Dinapalano tang anao tenged pirming agsasabat ong yen.I slapped my child because he is always answering back at me.anttampalingov syntampal
dapat1advdapatShould do something; should be a certain way; supposed to do.Dapat ang tanan ang taw mamagsimba kada Dominggo.All people should go to church every Sunday.Onopa bato tang dapat boateno?What do you think I should do?Dapat din magbayad ita ra tang barayadan ta ong korinti andamal, piro may plaso pang doroang kaldaw.We are supposed to pay our electrical bill tomorrow, but there is still an extension of two days.rel wdkaministiran2der. ofministir
dapat21<Not Sure>1.1viFor something to lie flat, smooth, without sticking up all over; for something to settle down flat.Mo-ya kiminoran, diminapat da tang tanek, anda ray kolapok.It's good it rained, the dirt has settled, there is no more dust.Dadapat da tang boao ang linangiso.My hair, which I oiled, is now lying flat. antkarangkang 1singkaratantkarangkang 1.1singkaratsi-wat 12vi2.1vtTo place something on top of something; to place, spread something out flat on top of something; to place one's open hand on top of another's head for healing.Ipadapat mo naning daon tang ponsi ong tōto mo agod magbawas tang kinit.Place this banana leaf flat on your forehead in order to reduce the fever.
dapaw1nhanipChicken flea, louse, mite.2vstatUndergoer: -onFor a chicken to be covered with chicken mites. (This usually occurs when the hen is sitting on her eggs, waiting for them to hatch.)
dapayvtUndergoer: -en, ma-To brush up against something; to bump up against something; to run over the surface of something; to trample on something or someone.Ang baso nadapay tang kosi animan na-tek.The glass was brushed up against by the cat and therefore it broke.Ang panti amen nadapay ta motor talabi, mo-ya lamang indi nalasik.Our big fishing net was run over by a boat last night, thankfully it wasn't torn.ov syntalapay
dapay-dapaynCrown-of-thorns starfish.This is a kind of multi-armed starfish, Acanthaster planci, which has poisonous spikes. They multiply quickly and destroy coral reefs. Conch shells are known to keep them in check by eating them.
dapigvtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo side with someone, take someone's side or defense; to "stick up for someone".Pirming agdapigan tang tatay na tang ana nang karian, animan soplado.The father is always siding with his youngest child, that's why [the child] is a brat.antpatasov synkampi
dapitvi., vtActor: -om- Undergoer: -enTo accompany a procession to or from church for a funeral, wedding, baptism, etc.; to accompany an official, like the Mayor, from the church to the municipal building, or to his house in a procession during the town fiesta.Yading dadapit ong ba-long kinasal.Many are accompanying the newlyweds.Mga may gapatay ang apostolada, agdapiten ta sandarti mga ilbeng da.When a member of the Apostleship of Prayer dies, the group placard with its emblem and streamers is carried in the procession when she is taken to be buried.
daplaknhilagang kanluranWest wind.When the wind is from due west it indicates that there is a typhoon coming.rel wdpontanen
daplisvi1Actor: -om-, ma-To glance off something; to "miss the mark".Mas dadaplis tang ged mga ang paggamit to oman ang ged wala.A machete even more so misses its mark if the person using it is right-handed but the machete is left-handed.Ganing pe-peteno rin tang kawayan, nadaplis tang ged ang aggamiteno.When I said I would cut the bamboo, the machete I was using glanced off it.anttama2 12Undergoer/Goal: ma--anFor something to be grazed by something missing its mark, or just glancing off; to experience a flesh wound.Nasibatan tang bisito nongapon mo-ya ngani nadaplisan lamang.My calf was accidentally hit with a machete yesterday, thankfully it was just grazed. ov synlanggit 1
dapo11viActor: mamasi-, -om-dapoTo alight on or swarm on, gather around something; to be attracted, drawn to something like a magnet.Ang yan mga gaita ta pa-kal, pamansidapo. When the fish see the light, they are drawn to it.Dadapo tang kalalandong ong rosas.Butterflies are attracted to the flowers.Yading mga ikap-ikap ang dadapo ong pa-kal.Many flying termites are swarming around the light.2vtGoal: pa--an Undergoer: -onTo cause, allow something to swarm or gather around something; for people to swarm, gather around something, usually food.Agpadapoan nira ta kiro tang patay ang ayep don ong baybay.They are allowing dogs to gather around the dead animal on the beach.Mga may kombida, agdapon ta dorong taw.When there is party with food, many people gather to it. (This is an idiomatic expression, meaning to swarm around the food.)3adj., nA person or animal that is hanging around a place which is not theirs; people who are from another place. (It is very rude to call a person this, as it has a figurative meaning of flies which are swarming.)"Ninopa siang kiro?" "Inayo sia dapo lamang tarin.""Whose dog is that?" "I don't know, he's just hanging around here."Teta ang mga dapo ya ray marereges ang mamangalap ta belag ta iloloak nira.Sometimes people who aren't from here insist on picking fruit from plants which are not theirs.rel wddangep 1tompok 1
dapo2ndapoOrchid plant or flower.