Agutaynen - English


dalit21nVenom.2adjmadalit, dalitanVenomous; poisonous, as a snake.rel wdilo2 1
dalok1adjkadalok, madalok2viActor: mag-takawTo eat a lot very greedily, without sharing with others; to be a "pig", to "hog" all the food. (This is not a polite word.)India kay magdalok tenged makaeyak.Don't greedily eat a lot without sharing because it is embarrassing.ov synsamok 1tabed1takab
dalosdosvi1Actor/Undergoer: ma-To accidentally slide down from somewhere.Nādalosdos tanandia asing tataboan da ang nangalap ta nioy.He accidentally slid down when he was coming down from picking a coconut.2Actor: magpa-For a person to intentionally slide, cause themselves to slide down from somewhere.Mareges ang magpadalosdos tang mga mola ong aldan.The kids really insist on sliding down the staircase.rel wdtaliat 1
dalot1viActor: -om- Undergoer: -onFor a fire to spread; for something to be totally burned by a fire spreading.Pasinsia lamang ang apoy diminalot da ong koma mo.Sorry, the fire already spread to your farmland.Dinalot tang koma amen asing nanolpok si Jose tang koma nira.Our field was totally burned when Jose burned his field.ov synsilab2vtUndergoer: pa--anTo intentionally cause a fire to spread to and burn an adjoining field.Ala! Padalotan mo ra lamang tang komao.Go ahead! Cause your fire to spread and burn my field too.ov synlalabraros
dama1nA game similar to checkers.
dama2nA very large green bottle with a narrow neck, used for storing vinegar.Sometimes rope or hemp is wrapped and secured around the bottle to keep it from cracking. They are not made anymore, but are seen in the houses of older people.
da-magvtActor: maN-, -om- Goal: -anTo lunge at, usually with reference to a dog but can also be about a person; to lunge at the food, be in a hurry to eat.Aroy! Da-magano ra tang kiro ming pangalat!Oh! Your biting dog is about to lunge at me!India kay doma-mag ong pamangan tenged indi pa gabindisionan.Don't lunge at the food because it has not yet been blessed.ov syntangkab
damaldamál1nDay; morning.2viActor: magdamalFor an event, activity to continue all night long, until daybreak.Nagdamal tang koran.It rained all night long. antmagapon3viActor: magpāramal, pāramalTo do something all night long until daybreak; to stay overnight, spend the night somewhere.Si Dodoy nagparamal da tang ini-yak, sigoro masit tang sian na.Little Boy spent the whole night crying, maybe his stomach hurts.Ari ita pa paramal malagat?Where will we overnight later?Magparamal ami ong Roxas, ba-lo paning ong Puerto.We will spend the night in the [town of] Roxas before going on to Puerto [Princesa City].4viActor/Undergoer: maramalanTo happen to, or be able to, spend the entire night somewhere, up until daybreak.Don ami naramalan ong baybay.We happened to spend the entire night there on the beach.Nagalin ami mga alas tres, indi ami ra naramalan ong balay nira.We left at three o'clock in the morning, we weren't able to stay until daybreak at their house.andamal2der.bitokon ong tagaramalen2der.ndamal-damal1der.n., advgaramal1der.n., advkinaramalan1der.n., advmaramal1der.n., advnaramal1der.n., damal2der.n., advpagaramal1der.pagkaramal1der.n., advtagaramalen1der.n., adv
damal-damal1der. ofdamalMorning; daybreak.
damal-damal2damál-damáln., advumagaMorning; daybreak.Ong damal ang damal-damal, paning ami ong Villa Sol.Tomorrow morning we'll go to barangay Villa Sol.ov syntimprano
daman-damanvstatUndergoer: -enTo sleepwalk.Ang molang gapoyat, mga agdaman-damanen, papanaw ang pampeyeng.A sleeping child, when he sleepwalks, he walks with his eyes closed.
damang1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: ipa-To be careless with things.Pinadamang mi tang tiliskopio animan nalangga.You were careless with the telescope and so it broke.antambligta-lingov synsamang-samang
damang21<Not Sure>1.1adjFilthy; disgusting; atrocious.Kadamang mo, ang agpanganen mo maboling.You are disgusting, what you're eating is dirty.Ang taw ang nagpelek tang mola don ong baybay ay damang. The person who threw that baby on the beach is atrocious. 2adj2.1viTo defecate in an inappropriate place (lit. to do something filthy).Sinopa bato tang nagdamang tani ong binit tang balay?Who do you suppose defecated right here at the side of the house?
damay1vstatUndergoer: dadamay ong nem To have a desire, longing for something or someone.Indi ra dadamay ong nemo ang magboat tang mga bagay ang asi.I no longer have a desire to do those things.Dadamay tang nemo mga magalina ra.My heart is longing to go along when you leave.ov syngaliagunspec. var. ofliagnonot ta nem2
damay2vi., vtUndergoer: ma-, -ensangkotTo be implicated; to be included in the blame for doing something wrong.Nadamayo pa ong kalokoan mo.I was implicated in that foolishness of yours.ov synomid 1sabit2
damdamvtUndergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -ansapinTo place a pad, cloth, piece of metal, etc. between an object and the other surface it will come in contact with; to use something as a protective or absorbent undercloth.Damdaman mo tang boko-boko mo mga lomboga ong da-tal.Spread something out to protect your back when you lie down on the floor.Mga agginangan tang molang ge-ley kaministiran damdaman ta abel tang boko-boko na para indi keykeyen.When a baby is perspiring, an absorbent cloth should be placed on her back [under her shirt] so that she won't develop a cough.Damdaman mo kay tang lamisan ba-lo ibondo mo tang kaldiro tenged sia makinit.Please put a protective cloth on the tabletop before you set the pot on it because the pot is dirty.antsapin 1sapin 2ov synampilo
damel1<Not Sure>1.1adjThick, as of material, fur, etc.; spaced close together, as of plants.Madamel tang lambong ang binakalo para tōkono mga malamig.The clothing I bought is thick so that I can wear it when it's cold outside.Mga madamel tang panloak ta kamait, indi ra malinawa oman ang borak na gege-ley.If corn is planted closely together, it won't be able to breathe and then the cobs will be very small.1.2vtTo make something thick; to make weaving tight.Padamelen mo kay tang boaten mong amek agod maboay ang gamiten.Make the mat that you are working on tight so that it will last long.antmalaka 1manipit 12vt2.1To cause oneself to overcome shame or embarrassment in order to do something, ask for something (literally, to cause one's face to become thick).Pagpadamel tang emet na tenged anday mapa-dolan na ta tabang.He caused himself to overcome his shame (lit. caused his face to become thick) because there is no one he can ask help from.madamel ta emet1id.adjMadamel tang emet na animan sigi tang balik ang mama-dol.He has no shame therefore he keeps coming back to ask for things.
damiondamyoGangplank; walkway to a boat.ov synlatayander. oflatay
damitvtActor: mag- Undergoer: i-, -enTo sew the sides of something together; to close a tear in something by overlapping the edges and sewing them shut; to place two things side by side, overlapping them.Damiten mo kay naning gimay, ito-toko rin ong damal.Please sew the sides of this native skirt together, I'll wear it tomorrow.Mga magbe-lada ta amek damiten mo ta osto.When you lay out the mats, overlap them well at the sides. ov syna-mo 1
damotdāmotviActor: maN-hilamosTo wash one's face.Aroy, ang molang na maski ko-to pandamot! Oh my, this child is washing her face even though it's noon time!Ganing tang mga mepet, mga pandamot tang kosi oman panalonga ong baybay, maliag yaning yading yan ong tobog.The old people say, if a cat is washing its face and then looks up facing the beach, it means that there are many fish there to be caught by hand.Some people believe that if a person bathes, or even washes their face or feet when they are hot and sweaty, or tired, or at the height of the day's heat, they will become sick due to mixing hot and cold, called pasma.rel wdbanawlo-lot
dampayviActor: ma- To reach shore after having an accident at sea.Nādampay ami ka ong banoa asing pagke-keb amen.We indeed reached the shore at the town after we capsized.
dandānvi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -anTo do something slowly, quietly; to speak discreetly, carefully; to handle something with care.Magdān amo ka ong pagpanaw mga may gapoyat.Walk slowly and quietly when someone is sleeping.Magdān amo ong pagbitala mi ta anday sayod.Be careful in speaking evilly.Angay mga mitalā laot-laot? India matakong magdāndān? Why is it when you speak it is so direct? Don't you know how to talk discreetly?Mga gamiten mo tang mga baso dānan mo ka para indi ma-tek.If you use the drinking glasses be careful with them so they won't break.antsamang-samangov synandamloay-loay 1ta-ling
dandan<Not Sure>Actor: mag- Undergoer: -entirintasTo braid hair, rope, cotton thread, fabric, etc. using three sections or strands.Pirming pagdandan si Nanay tang boa na.Mother is always braiding her hair.antsolapid 1solapid 2ov syntirintasdinandander.n., adjMasinlong pa-dekan tang boa nang dinandan. Her hair braided in three sections looks very pretty.