Agutaynen - English


dala-datander. ofda-datThe unhusked rice left over from the first pounding, that will need to be pounded a second time.
dalagndalagMudfish. (These are freshwater fish which live in rivers.)
dalagang bokidnA type of wide-bodied red snapper fish. (It is blue and yellow in color.)rel wdlasawmaya-maya
dalag-dalagnA type of fish with wide yellow and brown stripes, but unlike the bolian fish, they do not have red lips. (They are caught inside the reef with hook and line or in nets.)rel wdamadasbolian
dalamindayamiStraw; dried rice stalk.rel wdkoay2 1kot
dalamonAn itchy skin disease like a rash that can spread over the body.Papidan mo ta langis tang mga la-tog mong asia, itaben sina-bolana ra ta dalamo. Rub oil on that itchy rash of yours, perhaps you have been cursed with the dalamo skin disease.It consists of many red, rough spots on the skin, called la-tog, over a large area. Some people believe that this rash is caused by spirits in the forest.rel wdla-tog 1ta-bol2
dalan1<Not Sure>1.1nRoad; street; path; the way (lit. the road) to a place.Indi kay pelkan mi ta po-pot tang dalan. Don't just throw your trash on the road. Ga-ba tang tanek ong dalan mga dorong koran.There are landslides on the road when it rains a lot.1.2viTo travel on a road, either by foot or in a vehicle; to walk somewhere on a road.Dono lamang magdalan ong aboat.I will just walk there on the road going uphill.2vi2.1nFiguratively, the way, methods, or standards that a person follows in one's work, life, beliefs; the way by which something is achieved, accomplished.Ang dalan ang agosoyono ong pagboat ta mo-ya sinoldok ong yen tang lolao.The way I follow in doing good was taught to me by my grandmother.Si Jesus tang dalan, ang kamatodan may ang kaboi.Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
dalanannA style of double weaving used for sawali walling, rice winnowers, or sleeping mats. (Two strips of rattan are passed under and over two other strips. This looks nicer and is more durable than the single-weave style.)Ang mga taga Diit sanay ong boatan ta amek ang dalanan. People on the island of Diit are expert in making sleeping mats using a style of double weaving. rel wdpadat
da-lang1nhakbangStep; stride.Māboat tang da-lang tang taw ang alawig.A tall person has a long stride. 2vtActor: -om- Goal: -anTo step over something, someone.Agliwagan siang pilay ang doma-lang ong porta.That crippled woman has a hard time stepping over the gate.Indio da-langan mo tenged mapasaw tang orasiono.Don't step over me, my written prayers will lose their power.Bawal ang doma-lang ong mga mepet tenged maliag yaning anday galang mo.It is forbidden to step over an old person because it means you have no respect.It is especially taboo to step over the body of a dead person who is laid out in a house. If a child steps or jumps over the body, they are told by their elders to step back over the body to reverse the curse.3viActor: -om-For a child to walk unsteadily, haltingly, taking his/her first steps.Ang anao dada-lang da.My child is already taking steps. ov synlad 1
dalang-dalangvstatUndergoer: dadalang-dalangdalagitaFor a young teenager to go through puberty, more often used about girls.Dadalang-dalang da si Maria.Maria is already going through puberty. rel wdkabatan
dalapvi1Undergoer: ma-To develop night blindness.India magbiot ta mano mga labi ra, sia madalapa. Don't hold the chicken when it is night or you might develop night blindness. Some older people believe this will happen to a person because chickens are also blind at night.2Actor: -om-To feel around in the dark.Asing pagapatay tang korinti, dadalap-dalapo ra lamang ong koarto.When the electricity went off, I just felt around the room in the dark.
dalapogannA type of large, flat gray fish that looks like a dinner plate. (The scales are small and thin. The fish has a very large dorsal fin and a large pelvic fin. When cut open it smells bad, like feces. They can be fried or made into dried fish, daing.)
dalawdawadjdalawdawenTo talk loudly, usually using rude language.Doro kang dalawdawen mo, animan sia tinampalinga ni tatay mo.You really were so loud and rude, that's why your father slapped you.ov syndaragese 1
dalawrawvi1Actor: -om-ambonDrizzling; sprinkling rain.Nongaynang damal-damal diminalawraw. Earlier this morning it sprinkled rain. 2Actor: magpa-To go out in a drizzle; to let oneself be sprinkled on.India magpadalawraw, itaben keykeyena.Don't go out in a drizzle, you might get a cough.ov synpatak 1petek-petekrel wdambon
dalay-dalayannThe shallow water at the very edge of the shoreline.Dorong kaliag tang mamolang magkayam ong dalay-dalayan tang talsi.The children really like to play in the shallow water of the ocean.rel wdenasan
daldal1adjmadaldalTalkative.Madaldal tang ana mong asiang karian.That youngest child of yours is talkative. antbotakalmadementabil2vtUndergoer: i-To talk nonstop about something; to gab about something.Onopay dadaldal mo atan?What are you gabbing about there?daldalirader.n
daldalirader. ofdaldalTalkative woman.
dalendenarchaicvtUndergoer: i-To drink a small amount of water; to drink a little water to aid in swallowing something.Mga magtomara ta bolong, idalenden mo ta wing ge-ley.When you take medicine by mouth, drink a little water along with it. Anda kay madalenden ta.We have nothing to drink. (Meaning, no liquor to drink.)ov syninem
dali<Not Sure>
dalí1adj., advmadalídaliEasy; easy to do; to do something quickly.Ang iksam tang mga istodianti madali lamang, animan māga tanirang nātapos.The exam of the students was very easy that is why they finished early.Madaling matapos tang obra ong bokid mga yadi ita.The work in the fields will quickly be finished if there are many of us.antmaboay 1maliwagunspec. var. ofliwagov synlagi3malakanmalpet2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -endaliTo hurry up; to do something quickly, hurriedly.Ang pambot māga pang magalin, animan pagdali-daliong pangimes tang lambongo.The pumpboat will leave early in the morning, that is why I'm hurrying to pack my clothes.Dalien mo! Lomarga ra tang pambot!Hurry yourself up! The pumpboat is about to take off!antloay-loay 1ov synapora 1poga-poga 1
dālivtUndergoer: ma-For a person to be tricked, deceived; to easily be taken in; for something to be stolen.Ang bine-lad amen ang daing nadāli tang ogak.The fish we had put out to dry was stolen by the crow.Kalaomo ang binakalong sising matod ang bolawan, na palá belag, nadālio tang nagpabakal.I thought the ring I bought was real gold, but it's not after all, I was deceived by the one who sold it.ov synloko
dalik1adjSudden; unplanned.Dalik lamang tang pagalin amen.Our departure was sudden, without any plan. ov syngolpi 1pasipala2rel wdton 12viActor: ma-To do something unintentionally; to say something spontaneously; to let something "slip out of one's mouth".Indio ka rin magbeg, tay nadaliko ra ka.I was not going to tell, but it just slipped out.ov synsoborel wdtaliat 13vtUndergoer: -enTo startle someone by not giving prior notice about something.Mga mamalitā, indi ka daliken mo tanira.When you tell the news, don't startle them with it.rel wdgolpi 1
dalimotdalimōtadjFor the weather to be totally socked in, i.e. no visibility on land or out at sea.Makaeled ang ipagbiahi, dalimot tang kalibotan, indi itaen tang mga banoa.It's a terrifying time to travel by boat, the weather is totally socked in, the islands are not visible.
dalingdālingviActor: mag-, -om-To moan in pain.Pagdāling si Maria tenged masit tang sian na.Maria is moaning because her stomachaches.ov synaroaroy 1
dalit11napanasSmall brownish-red ants, often found where there is food, sugar, etc. (Although they bite, it is not as painful as the bite of the red palamingko ants.)2vstatUndergoer: -enFor something to be covered or full of these ants.Ang anen amen talabi dinalit. Last night our cooked rice was covered with small ants.rel wdalekek 1palamingko 1