Agutaynen - English


bangey1nThe bad smell of feces.2adjmabangeySmelling like feces.Onopa bato sing gongaw ta mabangey? What do you suppose that is that is smelling like feces? ov synmampoy
banggilvt1Undergoer: i-tapon, hagisTo throw something such as a ball or stone; to throw something out, such as trash; to discard something; to hurl something.Don ibanggil mi tang mga po-pot ong galoang.Throw out the trash there in the big compost pit.anttagep 1tagep 1.1ov synpelekrabon2Actor: maN- Undergoer: -en, ma-To throw a rock at someone or something; to be hit by something that was thrown.Banggilen mong lagi tang mano para indi magbalik ong pinakaldawan.Quickly throw a rock at the chicken so it won't come back to what is being dried in the sun.Nabanggilō tang bola tenged napalengeto don ong pagkayaman nira.I was accidentally hit by the ball because I came close to where they were playing.rel wda-pet 1tama2 1
banggod1<Not Sure>1.1nA stone used for scrubbing the skin when bathing.1.2vtTo scrub the skin with a stone in order to remove dirt; to scrub, brush something very hard to remove dirt, rust, etc.Banggodon mo kay tang boko-bokō, indio makabot.Please scrub my back with a stone, I can't reach it.Binanggodan na ta wi may sabon tang sin ba-lo pinintoran.He scrubbed the corrugated metal roofing with soap and water and then painted it.2vt2.1viTo accidentally scrape one's skin hard against something.Nābanggod tang braso ong kodal animan may banggras na.My arm scraped against the fence and so now it has a scrape on it.
banggras1ngasgasA wide scrape or abrasion on the skin.2vUndergoer: ma- Goal: ma--anFor something to become scraped or scratched up.Nabanggras tang emet na ta lama tang kawayan tenged pagsinikad, indi nabantay.His face was scratched by the bamboo thorn because he was running and didn't watch out.ov synbad 1gasgas 1rel wdkaros 1
bangig1adjtabingiCrooked, lopsided; uneven, as of something made or woven.Bangig tang bindoat mong amek.The mat you made is uneven. 2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo become crooked, uneven; to make or cause something to be crooked.India kay magpalabet tang aggobraeno, itaben magbangig. Don't interfere with what I'm making, it might turn out uneven.Indi bangigen mo tang pangobra mo tenged anday sayod ang pa-dekan.Don't make your work crooked because it won't be nice to look at.
bangilvtActor: mag- Undergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -anTo wedge something under something to make it level or prevent it from wiggling.Bangilan mo kay tang kakay tang aparador ang nalangga ra agod magtepengan tang dobali.Kindly place a wedge under the broken leg of the cupboard so that both sides will be even.
bangilidndalisdis, libisSlope of a hill.
bangkaw1nSpear.2vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -en Instrument: i-sibatTo kill something with a spear; to use something as a spear.Ang binangkaw na ong baboy ang talonanen ay kawayan ang tinaladan.What he used as a spear to kill the wild pig was a piece of bamboo sharpened to a point.rel wdsalobang 1pamangkaw1der.adj
bangkiaviActor: Reduplication:: mamag--anTo work together as a group, helping each other.Pamagbangkian tang mga mamagana ang pamagobra ong koma.The relatives are all helping each other work in the field.ov synboliog 1tabang 1kabangkia1der.n
bangkil1nThe two large, upper incisors of a person or animal; the fangs of a cobra, a dog or other animal; the fangs or tusks of a pig.2vstatUndergoer/Goal: -an For an animal to form its incisors, fangs, or tusks.Bangkilan da tang baboy amen.Our pig is beginning to form its large incisors.
bangkilannA type of wide-bodied fish with two projection on either side of its mouth that look like fangs, bangkil. (Near the head the body it is dark in color, then greenish-yellow, then black near the tail. They have scales but are slippery. They are caught in nets near the coral reef. They are also known as pogay.)antpogay
bangkitonA very small, low bench, or stool, usually used when washing clothes.rel wdbangko1
bangko1nbangkoSmall bench; stool.rel wdbayan-bayan
bangko2Eng1nbangkoBank.2vtUndergoer: i-To deposit something in a bank.
bangkoronThe noni fruit. (The fruit turns black when it's ripe. Some people boil it and then use the water for medicinal purposes.)
bangletunspec. var.mabanglet1viUndergoer: ma-panisFor cooked food to become spoiled.Nabanglet tang terang linotok nira tenged dorong wi na.The viand they cooked spoiled because it was so watery.2statbanglet daSpoiled.ov synlangga 1
banglo1nbangoFragrant smell of something; nice, good smell.antkalpot 42adjmabangloFragrant, nice smelling; to smell good.Ang belat ang pindinga mga dongkolon mo ay mabanglo.When you cook the pindinga rice it smells good. 3vstatUndergoer/Goal: ag--anTo enjoy or smell the fragrance of something.Agbangloanong pisan tang rosas ang sampagita.I really enjoy the fragrance of the sampagita flower.antkalpot 1pabanglo1der.n
bangon1viActor: maN-bangonTo rise, to get up from a prone position; to get up out of bed.Indi kaya tang mepet ang mambangon ta sadili na.The old person is not able to get up by himself.Bangon da! Kaldaw da!Get up! It's already morning!2vtUndergoer: -onTo get someone out of bed; to help a person to sit or stand up.Maski indi kang lagi bangonon tang mola mga indi pagini-yak.Never mind about getting the child out of bed if she's not crying.3viUndergoer: ma-For a country, organization, or a person to recover (lit. get up) after a disaster or political collapse.Nabangon da ka mandian tang banoa tenged gatako tang pamangolo-kolo.The country has now recovered because the leaders are wise.ov synbawik 1
bangongot1nbangungotNightmare.2viUndergoer: -onTo die in one's sleep during a nightmare.Ang taw ang aggopayen kaministiran ang poawen, itaben bangongoton. A person who is babbling and groaning needs to be woken up or he might die in his sleep. Telekan amen ong koarto na si Manong, patay da, sigoro binangongot. When we looked inside the room of Older Brother, he was already dead, maybe he died from a nightmare.Some people say that if a person is groaning in his sleep it is either because he is having a bad dream and can't breathe or because he is having a heart attack. One should always wake the person up or he might die. For this reason people do not like to sleep alone. To wake them up, just call them, don't touch them or they could be startled and die. Some also believe that if a light is turned on before waking up a person who is having a nightmare, they will die upon waking.rel wdopay 1talakinep 1
bangosnbangusMilkfish.This is the national fish of the Philippines.
baniovar. ofbanyonbanyoBathroom; bathing room; shower room.Traditionally these shower rooms are outside the house and are shelters made out of sawali or coconut palm leaves, with no roof. People with financial means build their shower rooms with cement walls and corrugated metal roofs.antpalandigoan2rel wdkasilias 1
baniosvtActor: maN- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anpahiranTo rub oil or medicinal leaves on the body, to relieve itching, pain, or fatigue; to anoint someone with oil, usually when praying for healing.Baniosan mo kay ta langis tang bisitong kaye-keten.Please rub oil on my calf which is covered with scabies.Ibanios mo naning langis mga pagatel tang sinangoni mo.Rub on this oil if your body is itchy.Mamaniosa ta mansanilla mga masit tang sian mo.Rub on the mansanilla liquid if your stomach hurts.Ang mga mepet, pamanios ta gas para makomit tang mabeteg ong bisit nira.Old people rub on kerosene in order to relieve cramps in their calves.ov synpid 1pamaniosder.n
baniranbanyeraLarge aluminum basin or tub with high sides and handles. (These are used by fishermen on boats for holding their catch of fish.)
banoa1nbayanTown; municipality; an island; a country.Onopay pinagalinan ang aran tang banoang Agutayan?Where did the name of the town of Agutaya come from?ov synislamonisipionasionporo22viActor: maN-To live in a specific town or country; to make a place one's home, residence.Don da tanira mandian pamanoa ong Quezon.They are living in [the municipality of] Quezon now.kababanoan1der.nGitaen da tang kababanoan. The archipelago is already in view.kasimanoa1der.n
banognlawinHawk.rel wdti-wi