Agutaynen - English


baliwala1exprbaliwalaIt means nothing (to him/her); (He/She) doesn't care, doesn't take notice; unconcerned.Masking patakan tang bitala, piro baliwala lamang ong nandia.Even if he's scolded nonstop, he doesn't take notice. Baliwala ong nandia maski malipat tang sapatos na.It means nothing to him even if his shoes get lost.2vtUndergoer: -enFor someone to ignore, disregard something or someone.Agbaliwalaen na lamang tang agganingo ong nandia.He just ignores what I say to him.ov synpabaya 1
balkonnsalas, balkonaheThe porch or balcony of a house.ov synalalan 1
ba-lo11<Not Sure>1.1adjNew.Sigoro may lambong mo sing ba-lo? Maybe you have a new dress again?antlagi2lomaantmepet 12adj2.1viFor something to change, such as one's plans, character, behavior, beliefs, etc.Nagba-lo ra tang ogali na. Dati maniginem, mandian indi ra panginem.His behavior has changed. Previously he was a drinker, now he doesn't drink anymore.2.2vtFor something to be replaced or changed, be made new or different; to be renewed; for a person to be changed, made new in a spiritual sense.Midio bina-lo mi tang katep tang balay mi.It looks like you have replaced the roof on your house.Mga indi ka rin tanandia bina-lo tang Dios, asta mandian pangombabay pa.If he would not have been made new by God, until now he would still be womanizing.3vt3.1vstatFor a person to still be adjusting to, getting used to, a new situation; to feel not quite "at home" yet.Gaba-loano pang mamangan tang pamangan mi tarin.I'm still adjusting to eating your food here.
balo11nbiyuda, biyudoWidow; widower.Ang balo pandigo mga ya-long kaldaw da tang rosario.A new widow takes a bath on the third day of the wake (lit. praying of the Rosary.)2viUndergoer: ma-To become widowed.Ang tangayong taga Cuyo tolo rang bisis ang nabalo. My friend from Cuyo has been widowed three times.The first time a widow or widower bathes after the burial of their spouse (usually on the third day of the wake), the bathing is done outside, in a secluded place. Some people believe that the first person the widow or widower looks at after bathing will also become widowed. Noise is often created so that people will be aware when the widow or widower is going home from bathing so that they can hide from him/her.rel wdtolang 1
balo2vtUndergoer: -onTo tie a knot loosely with a loop so that it can easily be undone, like a slip knot.Balōn mo tang pame-ket mo agod madaling tolbaden.Make your tying loose so that it can easily be undone.rel wdbe-ket 1
ba-lo21<Not Sure>1.1advJust now; newly.Ba-lo ami lamang kiminabot.We have just now arrived.Ba-long napoaw tang mola.The child has just now woken up.2adv2.1exprJust a moment please.Ba-lo kay, may komiteno lamang tani.Just a moment please, I have something to get here.3expr3.1A polite expression for refusing a request of someone, meaning, Sorry, not this time; Not right now, some other time, please.Ba-lō ra tomabid, ong doma rang oras.I'm sorry I won't go along now, just another time.Ba-lo ra, indi pa gakabot tang soildo.Not right now, my paycheck hasn't arrived yet.Ba-lo kay lagi agpaning atan komo may obrao mandian ong balay.I cannot come there just now because I have work to do at home.
ba-lo3conjBefore; then; next.Inēm na tang paod ba-lo kinatep.He soaked the palm leaf shingles before using them for roofing.La-boan mo kang lagi tang karni, ba-lo lotokon mo.First scald the meat with hot water, then cook it.Ba-loa kiminabot, yo tarino rang lagi.Before you arrived, I was already here.
ba-lo kay<Not Sure>
balo-balonA type of very large tree with dark, oblong-shaped fruit, similar to cashew fruit.When the tree is in bloom, the blossoms have an unpleasant smell. Some people believe that small, invisible people sapat live in these trees.rel wddoldol2nonok
balolangnkayobongA large woven basket like a big shopping basket.It has four corners, the bottom is the same size as the mouth. It can be big or small, but is tightly woven of bori or pandan leaves and is used for charcoal, dried fish, beans, cashew fruit, etc.
balolonvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -onTo roll something up into a cylindrical shape, such as a piece of paper.Balolonon mo ta masinlo tang mga kartolina para indi magwasag.Roll up the posterboard paper nicely so that it won't come undone.Ang mga linamon binalolon tang langeb ong baybay.The sea grass has been rolled up like cylinders onto the beach by the waves.rel wdlolon
balon1<Not Sure>1.1nProvisions, like a sack lunch to be eaten on a trip or when working in the fields.1.2vtTo take or send food along as provisions.Magbalon ita ta anen tenged anday mabakal ta don ong paningan ta.Let's take some food along because there is nothing to buy there where we are going.Nani ra lamang ki-yoy tang ipabalono ong nio.These eggs are just what I'll send with you as provisions. 2vt2.1To send something along, other than food, with someone when they leave, like money with college students to use for school.Ang sōlo ong pagbedbed yay ang ipabalono ong ni Dodoy mga tomay dang magbalik ong Puerto.My wage from sewing is what I'll send along with Dodoy when he leaves to return to Puerto [Princesa City] (i.e. for college).pabalonid.exprAng mga mola mga golik ang pagadal pamagbakodan oman ganing, "Pabalon!" When the kids go home after school they slap each other on the back saying, "Take this home with you!"
Ba-long InigoannBagong TipanNew Testament.
balongotanarchaicnHead; skull.antkolo 1malinget ta balongotanid.adjomal ta balongotanid.adjprisko ta balongotanid.adjtegat ta balongotanid.adj
balor1nValue, great value; the worth of something.Masinlong pa-dekan tang salasioso, piro anda kay balor na.My earrings are nice looking, but they have no great value.ov synkantidad 12vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa- Goal: pa--anTo place a value on something; to raise the value or worth of something by putting a high price on it.Masiadoa ra kang magpabalor, anda ra kay kate-bek mo ong taw.You are really raising the value, you no longer have pity on people.Pirapa tang ipabalor mo ong tanek mo?How much value do you place on your land?
balot2nThe large, hard pit, seed in the middle of a mango.Yen tang balot na!I get the mango pit!
balsamadorder. ofbalsamoEmbalmer.
balsamo1nbalsamoEmbalmment; embalming.Pirapang kaldaw tang balsamo ong napatay?How many days is the embalment of the dead person good for?The amount of embalming fluid determines the length of time the body can be on display before needing to bury it. The longer the time, the more costly.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en, ipa-To embalm a body, to have a body embalmed.Onopa, ang patay ipabalsamo mi?Will you have the dead person embalmed?balsamadorder.npangbalsamoder.n
balsiEng1nWaltz.Asing pista nagtayaw tanira ta balsi ong plasa.During the fiesta they danced a waltz in the plaza.2viActor: mag-balseTo dance a waltz.
baltik1nBad mood; bad temper.Indi ita magtobay ong taw ang asia, teta may baltik na.Let's not antagonize that person, sometimes he has a bad temper. 2vstatUndergoer: -enTo be in a bad mood; irritated; cross.Ang tatay nira, teta baltiken tenged teta malinget tang kolo na.Sometimes their father is in a bad mood because sometimes he has a lot to think about.ov syntipos2 1