Agutaynen - English


balet1<Not Sure>1.1nAn answer, response to a letter, message.1.2vtTo answer, respond, reply to a letter or message.Indi pa gabaleto tang solat na.I haven't been able to answer his letter yet.2vt2.1To answer back, respond; to answer back-and-forth, taking turns, as in a song.Pamagbalet-baletan tang lali may babay ang pamagkanta ong polawan.The men and women are answering back-and-forth in song at the wake.Nontokaw mga ang lali pagarana ong babay, mga balten da ngani tang babay, dorog kambeng tang lali.In the past when a man would serenade a woman, if the woman would answer him in song, the man would be very happy.3vt3.1To repay someone for something, such as a good deed, favor, help.Balten amo tang Dios tenged ong tabang mi ong yen.God will repay you for your help to me.Ang Dios gatakong magbalet ong nindio.God knows how to repay you.4vt4.1viTo exchange work, take turns working for each other.Pamalet tanira ong taw ang namagobra ong koma nira.They are taking turns working for the people who previously worked in their fields.
balgaarchaicadvFor the sake of; on behalf of.Oldana yen ta kolintat ang bolawan balga lamang ong pagtangay ta.I'll give you a gold necklace just for the sake of our friendship.antalang-alang2ov synpara2tenged3
bali1nbalaeCo-parent-in-law, i.e. the parent of one's son-in-law or daughter-in-law.2viActor: mag-To be related as co-parent-in-laws.Magbali tanira tenged ang ana nira ay nagkatawan.They are in-laws because their children are married.
balibad1npalosotAn excuse; an alibi.2viActor: mag-To make or give excuses or alibis.Maosay tanandiang magbalibad ong mga ginikanan na, maski mali tang boat na.He is very good at giving excuses to his parents even if what he did was wrong.anday mabalibadder.nGata-wanano may agtatalok mo ong yen animan anday mābalibad mo.I know you are hiding something from me therefore you have no excuse.
balibolEngnThe game of volleyball.
baliedvi., vtActor: -om- Undergoer: -enlingonFor a person to turn their head around to look behind them; to turn around to face someone, or to look at or watch something.Bomalieda kay, may gogoy ong nio.Please turn your head around, there is someone calling you.Balieden mo kay, may taw ong orian mo.Turn around, there is someone behind you.Balieden mo tang tera, itaben panganen tang kosi.Turn around and watch the viand, the cat might eat it.Binalied na tang taw ang baleng ang dadaton ong nandia.She turned around and faced the drunk who was following her.anttaliod 1taliod 1.1
baliget11nKnot.antbalakasi2viActor/Undergoer: mag-For a rope or string to accidentally get a knot in it, become knotted.Masking gitaen mong nagbaliget da tang teked tang garong, indi pa aggobaden mo?Even though you see that the rope for the water bucket has become knotted, you aren't yet untying it?3vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en Goal: -anTo intentionally tie, make knots in a rope or string.Baligetan ta tang taling na para yay boaten tang kara-yatan.Let's make knots in this rope to make it into something we can use for climbing up.rel wdbe-ket 1
baliget2archaicnEels which are short, striped or plain, and are edible.This is an old word for balakasi eels. They are called baliget because they can twist their bodies into knots. In the months of December and January, during the time when the northeast wind blows, these eels are seen in large numbers in the shallow waters where they make their homes in the sand. They bite!antbalakasi
baligiavtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- lakoTo sell things from house-to-house; to peddle wares.Onopa siang agbabaligia mo? Mga yan?What is that there that you are selling house-to-house? Fish?ov synpabakaltinda
balik1viActor: -om-, mag-balikTo return to a place or a person; to go back.Pagbalik da tanandia ang nagalin ong Puerto tenged tapos da tang siminar.He is now returning home from Puerto [Princesa City] because the seminar is over.antpaning 12vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: pa--enTo allow or cause a person to return, go back; to send someone back somewhere; to cause, influence a person to turn back to God; to restore, return to a former state.Ipangadi mi kay ang yo pabalikeno tang Dios atan ong nindio ong madali.Please pray that God will allow me to return there to you shortly.Monopa bato mapabalik ta ong Dios ta tatang taw ang nanaliod da?How do you suppose we can cause a person to turn back to God if he has already turned his back on him?antpaning 13advpabalikBack, back towards.Initao tanandiang pagsinikad pabalik ong balay, sigoro may nabo-wanan na.I saw him running back to the house, maybe he left something behind.4vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -anTo return something, take something back to where it came from; to go back to get someone or something that was left behind.Ibalik mo kay tang mga basio ong tsianggi.Please return the empty bottles to the small variety store.Balikan mo kay tang libro ang nabo-wanano ong monisipio tenged gamiteno.Please go back for the book I left at the municipal building because I'll use it.
bali-kad1adjBackwards; inside out; opposite; reversed.Aroy! Indiang pisan magparet tang istoria na, sia balikad. Oh my! Don't you believe his story, it's completely opposite (i.e. from the truth).2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enbaligtadTo turn or flip something over; to invert something; to turn something inside out; to reverse something.Bali-kaden mo kay tang daing, itaben indi malango.Please turn the dried fish over, it might not become dry.Binali-kad na tang kamatodan.He reversed the truth.Bali-kaden mo tang lambong mo agod lomboa tang dalit ong talinga mo.Turn your clothes inside out so that the ant will come out of your ear.This is a superstitious practice. Other people say that if you can't sleep, you should turn your pillow over.ov synsombali 1
balikawangnbalakangHip, hips.ov syntalang 1
bali-keg1<Not Sure>1.1nMuscle between the shoulder and neck.2n2.1vstatFor a person to experience a numb feeling in this area of the neck when combining drinks and sweet food, or drinking very sweet coffee.Binali-keg tanandia tenged namangan ta soman, oman nanginem ta teba.He experienced numbness in his neck because he ate some sweet sticky rice and then drank some coconut wine.
balilitnA type of edible snail, oblong and brownish in color.
balingkong1adjbaluktotCrooked, bent, as of a tree, a bent nail, etc.; old, dilapidated, as of a house.Ang papa ta nioy ong toga tang balay masiadong balingkong, makaeled ang ondioton.The coconut tree in front of our house is very crooked, it's scary to climb it.Padayon amo ong balay amen ang balingkong. Please come into our dilapidated house.2viUndergoer: mag-, ma-For something to become bent or crooked.Indi poronon mo tang alambri, itaben magbalingkong. Don't roll the wire, it might become bent. Pasinlon mo tang paglansang mo agod indi mabalingkong tang lansang.Make your hammering better so that the nails don't get bent. 3vtUndergoer: -onTo intentionally bend something, such as a nail or a steel bar.Maliwag ang balingkongon tang alambring mababael.It's difficult to bend a large diameter wire.ov synkiritot 1liko 1
balinsasayawnThe name for the white swift or cave swift, birds which make nests using their saliva.These are the nests which are known for bird's nest soup. These birds can be found on mainland Palawan, particularly in northern Palawan where they make their nests in caves on the side of limestone cliffs.
balintangnA kind of cooking banana, very large in size.rel wdbalayangsaba
balintawaknbalintawakTraditional short blouse with large sleeves, puffed up at the shoulders, and with a kerchief over one shoulder. (Also known as an "Imelda" style blouse, after Imelda Marcos.)antbinabay2rel wdkimona 1Maria Clara
balintoaknA type of soft, black, edible sea cucumber.rel wdkosibat
balioarchaicvar. ofbalyonTyphoon.antbagio 1bagio 2
baliso-sokviActor: -om-For a boat to slide down the backside of a large swell, with the prow pointed down. (This is a very dangerous situation to be in and occurs when the waves are big and the boat is traveling in the same direction as the waves.)Mga panonot tang langeb makaeled mga ibaliso-sok tang motor.When the waves going in the same direction as the boat, it's frightening if the boat's prow points straight down. Kababael tang langeb, pisan aming babaliso-sok tenged panonot.The waves were so huge, we were really sliding down the backside because they were going the same direction.
balita1nbalitaNews.Onoraybalita? Whats the news? May masinlong balita! Napasar si Manang ong bord!There's good news! Older Sister passed the board exam!Onopa bato? Ang Mo-yang Balita nakabot da bato ong tanan ang banoa ong kalibotan?What do you suppose? Has the Good News already reached all the countries in the world?2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: i- Goal: -an, ma--anpahayag; ulatTo relate or tell news about something; to report or announce news on the radio or television; to hear or be told the news about something.Balitan mo kay si Manang tang natabo ong ni Manong ong Cuyo.Please relate the news to Older Sister about what happened to Older Brother in Cuyo.Onopa, indi nabalitan mo tang barkong nasirok?What, haven't your heard the news about the ship that burned?ov synbasi1 1patakorel wdtagep 1manigbalitader.n
balitak1nLymph nodes.Masit tang balitak na komo may igad tang kakay na.His lymph nodes are painful because there is a wound on his foot.2vstatUndergoer: -enFor a person to have swollen or enlarged lymph nodes.Nalansang tang kakayo, animan mandian agbalitakeno ra.My foot was pierced by a nail, that's why I have swollen lymph nodes today.
balitawtawvstatUndergoer: ag--enHaving to urinate but with nothing or just a little bit coming out.Agbalitawtaweno, itaben may kidnio.I'm feeling I need to urinate but nothing is coming out, maybe I have a kidney infection.Some people say that this problem can also be caused by the heat in one's body not being able to escape.rel wdgik 1
balitotnA type of medium-sized fish, long, with a pointed mouth and black stripe. (These are similar to the bilan fish but have scales. They are often caught in nets together. These fish can be seen jumping out of the water.)