Agutaynen - English


balansi21<Not Sure>1.1statBalanced, with weight equally distributed.Belag ta balansi tang kasil tang motor, midio madaling magke-keb.The outriggers of the boat aren't balanced, it seems it will easily flip over.1.2viTo balance.Ang molang ge-ley, indi pa mābalansing panaw.The small child can't yet balance well when she walks.2vi2.1vtTo weigh the options, to balance the pros and the cons, in making a decision.Mga magdisisiona balansi-balansien mo kang lagi, india magpagolpi-golpi.When you make a decision first balance the pros and cons, don't be in rush to decide.
balansiongnA type of gourd which is large, oblong shape, light green in color. (It grows on a vine. It is used as a vegetable and is often cooked with chicken meat.)rel wdopo
balantaknA type of large basket that can hold up to 20 kaban of rice, which is equal to 62.5 kilograms. (These baskets are made of split bamboo, similar to sawali. They are used for storing rice and are seen in Roxas and San Vicente.)rel wdtabongos
balantang1nA piece of wood nailed across the mouth of a pail or small bucket to form a handle, or a place to tie the rope on for making a bucket for drawing water from an open well.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -an To affix a piece of wood to a bucket for this purpose.
balasavtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enbalasaTo shuffle playing cards.Madasig tanandiang magbalasa tang mga baraha.He's fast at shuffling the playing cards.
balasobas1adjtamadUnmotivated; disinterested; lazy about studying, applying oneself.Balasobas tanandia ong pagadal, animan indi napasar.He was unmotivated about studying, consequently he didn't pass.2viActor: mag-To be unmotivated, not interested.Pagbalasobas da tanandia ang mimbeng ong kayam tenged ang aroman nira ay mamola.He is not interested in joining in the games because their companions are all children.rel wdmalastratamad 1
balat1nSea cucumbers (generic).Masabor ang langgawan tang balat mga malemek.Sea cucumbers taste good with vinegar on them if they are soft.These are found in the tidal flats, are cylindrical in shape and express a white, sticky substance when squeezed. Some are edible.rel wdbatonan 1kosibat
balat2nbalatLeather.rel wdolit2
balatongnbalatongMongo bean.antmonggos
balay1<Not Sure>1.1nHouse; home; building; residence. (For the parts of a house, see the Appendices.)1.2viTo go from house to house.Pamalay-balay tang mga kandidato mga timpo politika.Candidates go from house to house during campaign periods.1.3exprHello, anybody home?1.4viTo call out at a house, saying Tagbalay!1.5vtTo use something as a house; make something into a home, house.Agbalayan ta namo tang sirong tang katri.Mosquitoes make their home underneath beds.2vt2.1nAnything used to house something; housing.Ang makinao ang palamedbedan masinlo pa, piro ang balay na galambing da.My sewing machine is still good, but its cabinet (lit. housing) is already dilapidated.Olday ka ta balay ta posporo. Please give me a matchbox (lit. house of the matches).Aroy, ang koartao nabo-log da ong balay tang koday!Oh no, my money has fallen into the hole (lit. home) of a land crab!balay-balay1der.nkamalay1der.npamalay-balay1der.n
balay ang agpārkilan1der. ofarkilaBoarding house; rental house.
balay ang agpārkilan2nBoarding house; rental house.rel wdarkila 1
balay tang amponan1der. ofamponOrphanage.
balay tang amponan2nOrphanage.rel wdamponilo3
balayangnA kind of cooking banana, medium to large in size. (This is another name for saba.)antsabarel wdmondo
balay-balay1der. ofbalayPlayhouse; small house, hut.
balay-balay2nbahay-bahayA small house or hut; a child's playhouse.rel wdpalayayanpayag-payag
balbalannThe top beam of the frame of a house which supports the rafters.rel wdpalalendan2
balda1vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enbaldaTo hit, strike someone severely on the upper body, usually the back or chest, sometimes causing crippling.Sinopay nagbalda ong nio?Who hit you severely on your back? 2viUndergoer/Goal: ma-, ma--anTo become severely crippled over, either from being beaten up or from an accident, such as a bad fall; to develop chronic pain in the chest, lungs, ribs, or back from an illness such as tuberculosis, or from too much heavy work.Nabalda tanandia asing pagabo-log na ong nioy.He became crippled when he fell from a coconut tree.Ang molang sinontok nabalda ra, animan indi ra mapagtakan ta mabelat.That child that was beaten up developed severe pain in his ribs, therefore he no longer can carry anything heavy.Ang mga manigbongbong madaling mabalda ong sobrang epeng.Men who use dynamite in fishing easily develop lung problems due to always diving down deep.Angay keke-lea rang pirmi, sigoro nabaldana asing pagsorontokan mi?Why are your shoulders always hunched up, maybe you were severely injured when you were boxing each other?Nabaldan tanandia ong sobrang petek na ta bato.He developed back and chest pain from always breaking up rocks.rel wdlaba2lapik 1paralisado 1pilay2 1pokod 1sigbak 1baldadoder.n
baldadoder. ofbaldaA person who has a crippled-up back, due to an injury.
baldintimbaBucket; pail.
baldiovtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo clean, swab a place by throwing buckets of water on it.Baldioan mo kay tang tangkal tang baboy, doro rag kakalpot.Please swab out the pen of the pig, it's really stinky.ov synsirabo
balemben1nWindbreak.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer/Instrument: i- Goal/Beneficiary: -anTo make a windbreak; to surround something with a windbreak; to cover something with something so that the wind and rain won't come in; to use something for this purpose.Binalembenan amen tang koma para indi malanet tang paray ong mageyep.We surrounded our farm with a windbreak so the rice wouldn't be dried up by the wind.Balembenano tang gardin ta daon ta nioy.I'll make a windbreak for my garden with coconut palm leaves.Ang silopayn yay ang agbabalemben amen ong lebleb para indi tenled tang koran.Plastic sheets are what we are using as windbreaks on the walls so that the rain won't come in.
balenbalēnnA small bamboo basket tied around the waist used for harvesting rice.Ang balēn yay ang aggamiten amen ong pagpangayeg.A bamboo balen basket is what we are using in harvesting rice.antpalangayegan1der. ofayegpalangayegan2rel wdbalantaktabongos
baleng1n., adjlasingDrunk; drunkard.2viUndergoer: ma-To be drunk, to become drunk, intoxicated.Ang taw mga gabaleng indi ra gatako tang agboaten na.A person, when he's intoxicated, he doesn't know what he is doing.Pirming gabaleng tang katawa na animan indi mapanilaw ta tera nira.Her husband is always drunk therefore he isn't able to go fishing for their viand.3vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: -enTo intentionally get oneself drunk, or get someone else drunk.Asia gekelan mo si, oman balengen mo si.You're taking him along again, and then you'll get him drunk again.ov synbo 1manigbalengder.manigpabalengder.n