Agutaynen - English


bakodvtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo pound, hit someone on the back, usually in anger.Indi bakodan mo, agkeykeyen kang lagi.Don't pound him on his back, he's already coughing.anttalbokov synbalda 1laba2
bakokang1nTropical ulcer.2viActor/Undergoer: mag-For a scratch to develop into a tropical ulcer.Limpioan mo ta mo-ya tang igad mo, itaben magbakokang. Wash your wound well or it might develop into a tropical ulcer. 3vstatUndergoer: -enFor a person to have a tropical ulcer.Agbakokangen si si Lola.Grandfather has a tropical ulcer again.rel wdbangbang 1
bakokonbakokoA small land turtle.rel wdkaliman
bakona1nbakunaVaccination; immunization.2vtActor: mag-, magpa- Goal: -an, pa--anTo vaccinate, be vaccinated against certain illnesses such as diphtheria, measles, etc.Kaministiran tang mamola ang pabakonān para libri ong masit.Young children need to be vaccinated so they'll be safe from diseases.ov synindiksion 1tirada
bal1bāl1nbahagLoin cloth; G-string.2viActor: maN-To wear a G-string.Anda ray matōk nang lambong, animan pambāl da lamang.He doesn't have any clothes to wear anymore, therefore he is just wearing a G-string.
bal2bālviUndergoer: ma-For a drink, such as coconut wine, liquor, or even soft drinks to be leftover and turn bad or sour.Ong kasal nira dorong tebang nabāl. At their wedding a lot of coconut wine turned sour.
bala11nbagaCoals of a fire; embers.2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: papag--enFor a fire to burn down and become coals; to wait for, allow a fire to burn down to coals in order to grill something on it.Papagbalaen ta kang lagi ba-lo ita manggiaw tang yan.Let's first let the fire burn down to coals before we grill the fish.rel wdkabo 1
bala21<Not Sure>1.1nAmmunition; bullets.2n2.1Music cartridge; videotape cartridge; DVD (Digital Video Disk) or VCD (Video Compact Disk).
bālaexprbahalaTo be responsible for; "it's up to you (him/her, etc.)".Bālā ra lamang ang magatindir ta miting tenged yo paningo ong Cuyo.It's up to you to attend the meeting because as for me I'm going to Cuyo island.Yawa ra lamang tang bālang magtagay tenged yawa ka tang gabetang ang ari.It's up to you to pour the drinks because you're the youngest.ov syndipindisigon
balabagunspec. var.pabalabag1<Not Sure>1.1advCrosswise to something.Pagolik amen nagalin ong Linabog, ang motor balabag ong langeb, animan nagke-keb.When we were coming home from Linabog island, the boat was traveling crosswise to the waves and that's why we capsized.1.2viFor something to be positioned perpendicular, nonparallel to the length of a house, or to the beach; to sleep or lie crosswise in front of a doorway, or crosswise to the length of a house or room.Ang mga balay ong Agutaya poros osoy ong banoa, tenged ganing tang mga mepet anday sayod mga ang balay babalabag.The houses on Agutaya are entirely positioned parallel to the beach, because the old people say it is bad luck if a house is perpendicular to the beach.Angay sia minalabaga ra atan ong porta? Indi ita ra mata-lib.Why are you sleeping there crosswise to the door? We can't pass through now.antosoy 1antosoy 2.1paosoy22vi2.1nThe long, horizontal pieces of bamboo used on a thatched roof to keep it flat and prevent it from blowing off; the horizontal rails of a fence.antpangkapit2paosoy22.2vtTo make or attach the horizontal supports, or rails, to a fence.Ong damal balagbagan ta tang kodal agod indi tenled tang kambing.Tomorrow we'll put horizontal rails on the fence so that goats can't get in.3vt3.1advContradictory.Pirming balabag mga somabat, animan sinampaling ni tatay na.He's always being contradictory when he answers, that's why his father slapped him.3.2vtTo contradict or be contrary; to talk back.India magbalabag ang somabat ong nanay mo!Don't talk back to your mother!
balagennVines that grow as weeds in a field or forest.Makaerep tang balagen ang ibabawen tenged pisan ang pipirit-pirit ong paray.Weeds that are vines are so irritating because they are entwined in the rice.rel wdibabawenlagoay 1kabalagenander.nAng liniri amen poros kabalagenan. The field we've cleared was completely full of vines.
balagetunspec. var. ofbaget
balaka1nThe green bud or covering of the coconut flower that produces the nuts.When dry, these coverings can be used as firewood. They can also be split into narrow pieces for tying bamboo slats together in making a fence. Children also use them as play boats in the shallow water of the ocean, or pull them behind them with string.2viActor: maN-For this green covering or bud to form, develop.Mga pamalaka ra tang nioy madali rang mamorak.When the green covering begins to develop, the tree will soon bear fruit.rel wdbarobayboyok
balakasinEels which are short, striped or plain, and are edible but they bite.In the months of December and January, during the time when the northeast wind blows, these eels are seen in large numbers in the shallow waters where they make their homes in the sand.antbaliget1 1baliget2
balakikiadjSpotted color, usually on a chicken.Ang mano amen ang nalipat balakiki.Our chicken that is lost is spotted all over.
balampavar. ofbalandaadvsanaHopefully; I hope so.Balanda ra lamang ang magpanemnem ka tanandia ong oring timpo.Hopefully he will change for the better in the future.Balampang makabot da mandian tang belat ang sinoyono.I hope the rice I ordered will arrive today.
balanaknbanakAdult mullet fish, similar to bangus. (They can jump high out of the water. They are very delicious.)rel wdgosaw
balandraviUndergoer: ma-For a person to suddenly slam into something with one's shoulder or back, usually from being pushed; for a boat, motorcycle to crash into an object.Sinolmono nandia, animan nābalandrao ong kodal.He pushed me with the result that I slammed backwards into the fence.Dorog kapalet ig mababael tang langeb, animan nābalandra tang motor ong kanioyan.It was so windy and the waves were so big, consequently the boat crashed into the coconut trees.ov synbonggo1 1
balanganbalangānnStomach, referring to the first part of the digestive tract where food is first stored.The stomach is also referred to as the dipositoan tang pamangan, the depository for food.antdipositoan tang pamanganrel wdsiantorok-torokan
balangaynA large boat with two sails but no outriggers.These are larger than a batil. Years ago, these boats used to haul cargo and passengers between the islands. They are no longer seen anymore. See the Appendices for a sketch.ov synbatilpangko
balang-balangviUndergoer: -om-, m-For a person, animal, or thing to accidentally tumble down stairs, or down from a tree.Asing nabo-log tang ario ong aldan, pisan ang minalang-balang, kalaom tang nanayo patay da.When my younger sibling fell down the stairs, she really tumbled over and over, and my mother thought she was dead.
balangennA type of large, flat, wide-bodied fish like a dinner plate, sometimes with brown or black spots. (They are similar to babaloan fish. They have no scales but sharp spiny dorsal fins which cause extreme pain.)rel wdmanaringmandaladasilid2taral
balangikogn., adjhulianTo be at the end of a list, line; the one at the "tail end".Pirmi tanandiang balangikog tenged dibabak.She is always at the end of the line because she is short.ov synkaorian
balansi11nThe balance of a debt.Pirapa pa tang balansio ong tsianggi mo?What is the balance of my debt at your small variety store?ov synotang 12vtActor: mag-, magpa-To calculate the balance of something, such as a debt.Magpabalansio rin tang bayad tang binilano, balampa may ma-da pa.I'll have the payment from the fish I caught calculated against my debt, hopefully there will be some money left over.rel wdkointa2