Agutaynen - English


baidvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enhasaTo sharpen cutting edges of a blade.Ipabaid mo kay tang parakol ong ni Tay Juan para manarem.Please have Uncle Juan sharpen the axe so it will be sharp.baidander.n
baidander. ofbaidSharpening stone; whetstone.
baikvar. ofbaykEngnBike, bicycle.antbisiklita
bailivar. ofbayli1nbaili, bailiansayawanCommunity dance, often during fiesta time for fundraising, or for a school class social event.2viActor: mag-To dance a modern dance or disco; to attend a dance.Dorong soltiras tang namagbaili talabi.Many young girls attended the dance last night.rel wdtayaw 13vtActor: maN- Undergoer: -enFor a man to dance with a woman; for a woman to be danced with by a man.Agbailieno rin ta mepet, piro indio siminabid tenged geldano.I was about to be danced with by the old man, but I didn't go along with him because I was afraid.ov synbeteng1 1tabid 1
bailovt1Actor: maN- Undergoer/Instrument: i- Goal: -an, pa--anpalitTo give something in exchange for something else; to receive something in exchange for giving something else; to use something in bartering.Ibailo mo kay naning ki-yoy ta sigarilio don ong tsianggi.Please give this egg in exchange for a cigarette there at the small variety store.Pabailoano rin tang sirgoilas ta yan don ong lantsa.I'll have the Spanish plums given in exchange or fish there at the fishing boat.Bailoan mo kay tang kalabasang nani ta posporo tenged anday mabakalo.Please receive this squash in exchange for matches because I don't have any money to buy them with.ov synbarter2Actor: magpa- Goal: -an, pa--anTo exchange large bills for smaller bills or coins; to change money at a money changer.Bailoan mo kay naning limang gatoso ta tagtale-tang gatos.Please change my 500 peso bill for five 100 peso bills.3Actor: Reduplication:: mag--anFor things to be either intentionally exchanged, or accidentally switched; to trade things.Nagbailoan tang tsinilas amen talabi asing namagpolaw ami.Our rubber slippers were accidentally switched last night when we were attending the wake for the dead.Nagbailoan ami tang lambong amen asing madali ami rang magbelagan ong haiskol para may pangandeman amen.We exchanged our clothes when we were about to be separated in high school so that we would have a remembrance of each other.ov synkambio 1
baintivar. ofbeintinumTwenty. (This is Spanish and is used primarily for money and time.)
bakbāknWide rattan strips used for the edges of rice winnowers, baskets, etc.rel wdalot 1koay1si-sik
bakan1bakaCow; cattle.Tanga bakān tang pinatay asing kasal tang logod amen.We killed one cow when it was the wedding of our sister.2karning bakaBeef.rel wdbelkansodosopangtirnida
baka-bakanbaka-bakaA type of shell with pointed spikes around the shell, named after the horns of a cow, baka.rel wdyangatan
bakaganbakāgannA type of small fish, about 8 to 10 centimeters (3 to 4 inches) long, brown or grey in color. (They live around coral reefs.)
bakalbakál1<Not Sure>1.1vtTo buy, purchase something; to use a certain amount of money to purchase something: to buy something for another person.Mamakalo kay ta kasin ong da Nay Maria tenged don barato.I'll buy salt at Auntie Maria's store because it is cheap there.Mga dona ra ong Puerto, bakalan mo kay si Dodoy ta sapatos na.When you are there in Puerto [Princesa City], please buy Dodoy some shoes.Ibakalo ta yan tang solo.I'll use my wage to buy fish.Ayra bato tang agpapamakaleno ta bolong?Where do you suppose is the one I sent to buy medicine?antpabakal2vt2.1To sell something.Ipabakal mo kay tang mano ong Cuyo para mapagpaprisio ita ta alawig.Sell the chicken on Cuyo island so we can get a higher price.barakalen1der.nmabakalder.adj
bakalan1nVertical wall studs.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo make or install these vertical wall studs.rel wdbaroti 1
bakangbākang1<Not Sure>1.1adjBowlegged.Maski asing ge-ley pa tang taw ang asi bakang dang lagi tang pamanaw na.Ever since that person was small the way he walks has always been bowlegged. 1.2viTo walk bowlegged; to become bowlegged.Ang mepet ang asi babakang-bakang da lamang ang panaw.The old person is already bowlegged when she walks.Aroy! Indi ra kay takanen mo tang ari mo ta maning atan, sia magbakang. Oh no! Please don't carry your younger sibling like that, he'll become bowlegged. 2vi2.1To intentionally stand with legs spread apart.India kay bomakang atan ong may poirtan, agta-liban ta taw.Don't stand there in the doorway with your legs spread apart, that's where people pass through.
bakantiEngadjbakanteEmpty building; vacant.Anday balay ang bakanti ang poiding arkilan?Isn't there a vacant house that can be rented?
bakasionvar. ofbakasyonEng1nbakasyonVacation.2viActor: mag-, maN-To take a vacation.Mamakasiono rin ong Puerto Princesa mandian ang Mayo.I hope to take a vacation in Puerto Princesa this coming May.bakasionander.nbakasionistader.n
bakasionander. ofbakasionA vacation house; a beach house.
bakasionistader. ofbakasionA person who is visiting a place on vacation.
bakawnMangrove tree.The branches of mangrove trees are used to make homemade Christmas trees. It is now illegal to cut these trees down because they provide shelter and food for fish, crabs, etc.kabakawander.n
bakedunspec. var.mabaked1adjmabakedtibayStrong; durable; firm; steadfast.Mabaked tang adili tang balay nira.The posts of their house are strong. Piro kaministiran ang magpadayon amo ang maelet ig mabaked tang pagto mi.But you must continue with your faith being firm and steadfast.antmalobayunspec. var. oflobaymatibayov synmaeletmapoirsa2vtUndergoer: -en, pa--en To make something strong; to strengthen something.Bakeden mo tang lokot tang kodal para indi mabontok.Make the ties of the fence strong so they won't break.3viActor: maN-To become strong, strengthened.Nambaked tang pagto ni Nanay asing nago-ya ong masit na.Mother's faith was strengthened when she became healed of her sickness.ov synelet 1poirsa 1
bakenbākenviActor: maN-, mag-bahinTo sneeze; to be sneezing, as with a cold.India mambaken mga pamangana.Don't sneeze while you're eating.India mapandigo, pagbakena. You cannot take a bath, you are sneezing.
bakeystatbakey daCassava or sweet potatoes which have turned black. (They are still edible.)Teta mapakit da tang kamosi ang bakey da. Cassava that has turned black is sometimes already bitter.
bakianWooden shoes with thick soles, like a boot.Nontokaw ang mga taw pamagtok ta bakia mga kokoran.In former days people wore wooden shoes when it was raining.These were worn years ago by fishermen and sometimes by ordinary people during rainy weather.rel wdrapak 1sapatos 1
bakita1adjFor a bag to be stuffed full of something.Mabelat ang masiado tang sako tenged bakita. The sack is really heavy because it's stuffed full. 2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en Instrument: i-To stuff, pack things into large sacks, by pressing them down with a large wooden pestle or piece of wood.Bakitaen ta tang tambalang ta osto agod se-sek.Let's stuff in the dried seaweed very tightly with a piece of wood so that it will be compact.Manleta ta kalo agod ibakita mo ta mo-ya tang kopras ong sako.Borrow a large wooden pestle so that you can use it to stuff the copra well into sacks.rel wdbanet 1se-sek 1
baklanA male with feminine tendencies; effeminate; homosexual. (This term is borrowed from Tagalog.)antlalakingnentomboy2ov synbabaynen