Agutaynen - English


bagasaynA type of rounded clam shell.rel wdbabakalanbelekkibawngirit-ngirit
bagasoviActor: maN-To help scale and clean fish from a catch in order to get a part of it. (This term is mainly used on the island of Diit.)Anday terao animan napaningo don ong pamagdaing agod mamagasō. I didn't have any viand so I went there to those who were drying fish so that I could be given some fish for helping scale and clean it.
bagat1vtActor: mag- Reduplication:: mag--an Undergoer: -enmagkita, salubongTo meet or welcome someone who is arriving; for people to intentionally meet or see each other.Nakabot da tang motor, bagaten mo kay si manang mo balampa asia ra.The boat has arrived, please go meet your older sister, hopefully she's there.Maminta ami ka lamang magbagat ni Maria ong teled ta tang bolan.Maria and I just get together once a month.Ariamopa primirong nagbagatan tang katawa mo?Where did you and your husband first meet? Tanopa sia pirmi aming pagbagatan tang tangayo ong Cuyo piro mandian anda ra.In the past my friend and I were always seeing each other on Cuyo island but not anymore.ov synalaw-alawilala 1ita1 1sogata2viActor: pl. mamagbagat-bagat, mamagbaragat-bagatmagkita-kitaTo all meet, get together to have a meeting or a good time.Dorog kambeng mga pamagbagat-bagat itang mamagtangay.It's a lot of fun when we friends get together. ov synmamagirimbengmamagsirimet-simet3vtUndergoer: ma-To happen to see, meet someone; to "run into" someone somewhere; to happen to come across, find something that you want or are looking for.Asing dono ong Puerto ang nagsiminar, nabagato tang dating maistrao.When I was there in Puerto [Princesa City] for a seminar, I happened to meet my former teacher.Ang taw ang maiteg indi maimong indi mābagat ta kasoay na.A person who is quarrelsome will be sure to come across his enemy.Asing papanawo ong baybay, andang pisan ay yan ang nabagato.When I took a walk on the beach, I didn't come across any fish at all to buy.rel wdtarak1 1
bagay1nA thing, an object; things to do; things in general.Angay maski onopang bagayay, aglologod mo atan ong bag mo?Why is it that no matter what thing it is, you just put it there in your bag?Yadi pang mga bagay ang asikasono, animan dadalio rang molik.I still have many things to attend to, that is why I'm hurrying to go home.Indi ita ra magistoria tang mga bagay ang malalāway.Let's not talk anymore about things that are dirty.ov synbetang1 1gamit 1pagkabetang1
bagay2advong bagaysa bagayTherein; in that matter; actually (contrafactual).Ong bagay galiago ka rin ang tomabid ong nio piro indio pagnan.Actually I wanted to go along with you but I wasn't allowed.Ong bagay pagelat pa ka rin ong katawa na, kaso lamang inding lagi naolik.Therein she was waiting for her husband but the problem was he didn't come home immediately.
bagay31<Not Sure>1.1exprThat suits you; That's what you deserve; That's what you get.Aroy, sia kaman! Bagay mo tang masinggi.Oh, that one indeed! Red really suits you. Bagay mo, nabolingan da ka rin tang lambong mo.That is what you deserve, you got your clothes dirty.2expr2.1adjSuitable; acceptable; appropriate; worthy.Belaga ta bagay ang mangatawa ta malised tenged yawa may kaya mo.It is not appropriate for you to marry a poor person because as for you, you have means.Belago ta bagay ang magiga-pen ong nindio, gaeyako.I'm not worthy to join in with you all, I'm ashamed.3adj3.1viFor a person to adjust themselves to others, or to act appropriately in all situations.Ang taw ang asia gatakong magigbagay maski ong mamola.That person knows how to adjust himself even to children.
bagbagviUndergoer: ma-For a boat or passengers to suffer problems out at sea, due to the engine stopping, or the boat filling with water; for a boat or people to be shipwrecked.Nabagbag tang motor nira don ong may Canipo tenged ong bagio.Their motorboat suffered problems near Canipo because of the typhoon.Asing pagabagbag amen, ge-ley ami lamang na-mokan.When we had boat problems, we were nearly swamped.rel wddisgrasia 1langga 1
bāgbāgnA type of eel found in the tidal area.They are long with a rough, accordian-like body and short tentacle-like projections at both ends. They can stick to a person's skin and are itchy, but do not bite. They are not edible.
bagedbāged1vtUndergoer: i-To rub or scrape skin against something in order to relieve an itch; to scrape dirt, mud, etc. off something.Ang boko-boko tang baboy binaged na ong kodal, animan naigadan.The pig rubbed his back back-and-forth on the fence, that's how it developed a sore.Indi ra ka ibaged mo tang kakay mo ong da-tal, maigadana.Don't scrape your foot against the floor, you might develop a wound.Don ong bato ibaged mo tang tsinilas mong lagnangen.There on the rock scrape off your rubber slippers that are full of mud.ov synsagid 1rel wdkalod2viUndergoer: ma-To accidentally rub against something.Nabaged da tang emeto ong bogi, katel-atelan da.My face accidentally rubbed against the bogi vine, it is so very itchy now.rel wdbanggod 1
bagetbāget, balāgetunspec. var.balagetviActor: babāget, gabalāgetFor pants to be very tight in the crotch; for pants or panties to become stuck or wedged in one's bottom (crack), or to creep up into the crotch, groin area.India kay magtok tang kalioliot mong asia, pisan ang babaget. You really can't wear those pants, they are so tight in the crotch. Ang panti tang mola pirming gabalaget ong boyo-boyo na tenged mapiet da.The child's panties are always getting wedged in her bottom because they are tight.Ang kaliolioto pisan ang gabalaget ong itako.My pants are are creeping up to my groin.
bagidbāgidvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo grate root crops, bananas, etc.Madaling bagiden tang kamosi mga mababael.The cassava is easy to grate if they are big.
bagidannGrater.rel wdko-kodan2
bagio1nbagyoTyphoon.antbalio2vi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer/Goal: -anFor weather to develop into a typhoon; for a typhoon to blow through an area; for things to be destroyed by a typhoon.Parti tang eyep tang mageyep, midio mamagio. The wind is different than usual, it's as if there's going to be a typhoon. Binagioan tang tambalang amen.Our seaweeds were destroyed by the typhoon.antbaliorel wdsalimagio
bagitannA type of wide-bodied fish, with dark, rough skin like sandpaper. (They are caught in nets inside the reef and are usually grilled.)rel wdgiboy
bagombonvar. ofbagonbon1<Not Sure>1.1nTidal flat; a sand bar or small hump of sand in the tidal area.1.2viHumps of sand beginning to appear in the tidal area, as the tide goes out.Mga pamagombon da, madali rang ma-la tang talsi.When humps of sand begin to appear, the ocean is on the way to becoming low tide.2vi2.1For something to pile up, such as garbage, trash, brush, or sand on a beach.Babagombon da tang linget don ong kanal.The trash is piling up there in the canal.Pisan dang minagombon tang tanek nani ong sirong tang balay.The soil has really piled up here underneath the house.
bagonawnA root crop similar to a yam, but having violet flesh. (This is ube in Tagalog. These yams can be white or purple in color and can be cultivated. They are usually boiled, sometimes in coconut milk, and are eaten either as a snack or staple. They can also be made into sweet desserts such as ice cream, puto cakes, halaya, etc.antobirel wdagonankapariorabi
bagongnA type of small white fish with black stripes and a hard head. (They live close to the edge of the beach and are easily seen at high tide. They eat debris and feces.)
bagrongviActor: -om-For the wind to howl.Ang mageyep talabi pisan ang babagrong labi pa don ong baybay.The wind last night was really howling especially there on the beach.Angay bato ang mageyep talabi pisan ang babagrong, sigoro may boawi?Why do you suppose the wind was really howling last night, perhaps was there a tornado?ov synagrotlago-lot
bagsak1<Not Sure>1.1vi., vtFor something to fall straight down from a height; for something to have something crash down on it; for something, like a house, to collapse.Minagsak da tang balay amen ong sobrang palet.Our house collapsed due to the extremely strong wind.Ang katep nabagsakan ta tang taned ang nioy, animan naboloat.Our roof had a bunch of coconuts fall on it, that's how it got a hole in it.antpasar22vi., vt2.1viTo fail an exam; to flunk out of school.Nabagsak tanandia ong iksaminasion.He failed to pass the examination.antpasar2
bagtasarchaicvi., vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo walk or hike a long way; to travel by foot.Asing tokaw ang belag pa ta masinlo tang dalan, agbagtasen lamang nira magalin ong Roxas paning ong San Vicente.In the past before the road was good, they just traveled by foot from the town of Roxas to the town of San Vicente.ov synpanaw 1
bagtek1adjVery dirty, as of a person or clothing.Ang molang asia pirming bagtek tenged masiadong magkayam ong tanek.That child is always very dirty because he plays a lot in the dirt.ov synboling 1bongkalonganpongit 12vtActor/Undergoer: magpa- Goal: pa--anTo allow oneself or one's clothes to become dirty through neglect.Ba-lo ka lamang sinōk mo tang lambong mo, pinabagtekan mo sing lagi.You just put on your clean clothes and you already got them dirty again.
bagtingvar. ofbanting1nThe sound of ringing metal against metal, like a school bell or church bell.Masīt ong talingao tang bagting tang kampana.The sound of the church bell hurts my ears.2vtActor: mag- Undergoer: -enTo ring a large bell; to make a ringing sound, usually by striking metal against metal.Ang mga polis tang pagbagting kada oras agod mata-wanan tang oras.It's the police who strike the metal tank like a bell every hour in order for the time of day to be known.Angay agbantingen tang simban, may patay bato?Why is the church bell being rung, do you suppose someone has died?The church bell is usually rung when someone has died, especially if they are a member of the Apostleship of Prayer.ov synkiling-kiling 1tingtingrel wdtogtog 1
bahonBass instrument; low-pitched, bass singing voice.antmaligo
bahora1n., adjbatohan sa ilalimA shoal under the surface of ocean with large rocks or coral reef which boats can become grounded on.rel wdkabatoan3kalatekan2der. oflatek2viUndergoer: ma-To become accidentally beached, grounded on rocks or coral reef; to run aground on rocks, corals.Nabahora tang pamboat don ong Magacawa tenged ong sobrang palet may ong langeb ang mababael.The pumpboat was beached on the rocks there at Magacawa because it is so rough and the waves are big.ov syntala-taktanglad2rel wdbara 1