Agutaynen - English


ba-notvtActor: maN- Undergoer: -onFor an animal, like a dog, to tear, rip something apart with its teeth, making holes in it.Ang sako tang belat, bina-not tang kiro.The sack of rice was ripped apart by the dog.ov synbangbang 1
bansilarchaic1nGold or silver false tooth; a bridge for a missing tooth.2vtActor: magpa- Goal/Beneficiary: pa--anTo have a bridge or false tooth made and then placed in a gap between teeth.Pabansilano rin tang isiong maraelag.I would like to have a bridge made for the space between my teeth.rel wdpostiso 1
bansing1nSupporting lines, guy wires.These are made of wire or monofilament line and include: monofilament lines for supporting outriggers on a boat; ropes or wire lines holding a house, tree, or electrical pole from falling over; a nylon line or small rope tied at the top of the tidal loom, and attached to the shuttle in order to make it tighter or looser, so that the weave will be the same.2vtActor: mag- Goal: -anTo tie on or attach supporting lines; to be supported by ropes or wires.Bansingan ta tang balay agod indi tomomba mga mamagio.Let's tie supporting lines on the house so that it will not fall over when there's a typhoon.Agbansingan tang posti tang Paleco ta mabael ang alambre para indi tomomba.The Paleco [Palawan Electric Cooperative] electrical poles are supported by large wires so that they won't fall over.
banta-bantanbanta-bantaOne's opinion; one's guess.Banta-bantao lamang midio yawa tang mandeg ong mayor mandian ang kakabot ang iliksion.It's just my guess that you will likely win as mayor in the upcoming election.antkarkolo 1ov synkarkolo 1tantia 1
bantalvtActor: mag- Undergoer: -en To carry something by wrapping it up in the front of one's shirt or skirt.Bantalen mo ra lamang tang bayabas ong lambong mo.Just carry the guavas wrapped up in your shirt.rel wdbinagteng 1
bantay11<Not Sure>1.1vtTo guard or watch something or someone; to be on guard.Bantayan mo kay tang mga karga ta, itaben malipat.Please guard our cargo, it might be lost.Anday magbantay ong ni Nini animan indio mapagatindir ong kasal nira.There's no one to watch Nini therefore I won't be able to attend their wedding.Bantayan mi tang mga sadili mi, itaben matokso amo.Guard yourselves, you might be tempted.antpabaya 12vt2.1To watch for something or someone to arrive or come by; to be on the lookout, keep an eye out for something or someone.Magbantaya kay ta motor ang paning ong Cuyo, tomabido rin.Please watch for a boat going to Cuyo island because I want to go along.Mga apon da, yading mga taw ang pamagbantay ta yan ong baybay.When it's late afternoon, there are many people on the beach watching for fish to buy.3vt3.1exprWatch out!Bantay! Tagepen mo tang kaomangga!Watch out! Catch the mangoes!
bantay2nSmall barracuda-like fish, grayish in color, with a small pointed mouth like a ballpoint pen. (They usually swim vertically, in schools, and are found around the reef or near the shoreline where they chase other small fish, hence the name bantay meaning 'guard'.)rel wdrompisirok2tonggawtorsilio
banting-bantingnlanilyaBunting, made out of long, hanging strips of plastic straw or colored cellophane paper.The bunting is used for fiestas and holiday decorations. It is hung from poles and crisscrossed above the streets.
bantog1viUndergoer: ma-For news to spread, become well known; for a person to become well-known, popular.Mga ang balita mala-ted ong tatang taw, sia madali rang mabantog. If news travels from one person (i.e. to another), in that way it is quickly becomes well known. 2vtActor: magpa- Undergoer: ipa-To spread, repeat local news or gossip.Tanandia tang nagpabantog ang ganing ang babay ang asi pagabdet.She is the one who spread around the news that that girl is pregnant.3statbantog daFor news to have already spread, become well known.Bantog da tang balita ang yading mga ribildi ong Palawan.The news is already well known that there are many rebels on Palawan.4adjkabantogPopular, well known.Dorog kabantog tang babay ang nagimong rayna ong pista.The girl who became the queen of the fiesta is very popular.ov synilalado2sikat 1
bantolnStonefish. (This fish lives in and around stones, and looks much like a stone. It has many spines around its neck and back, and the throat area expands when it is agitated. The spines of a stonefish are very venomous.)rel wdkandalopo
bantol-bantolnA thorny bush that grows near the sea.Panimpeng tang kakayo tenged natenek ta bantol-bantol nongapon.My foot is swelling because it was pierced by a bantol-bantol thorn n
baodviActor: -om-For something that should be flat to become uneven, bumpy, warped, as of a floor, table top, galvanized iron roof.Pasinlon mo tang panlansang mo agod indi bomaod tang da-tal.Make your nailing nice so that the floor will not be uneven.
baogannThe part of a trap where the bait is placed.rel wdkabantay 1palangsi 1talaring 1
baotsirvar. ofbotserEngnbotserVoucher.
baporarchaicnOld term for a large ship or ferry, used for ocean travel.antbarko 1barko 2
bapor-bapornA type of pinkish-orange fish with an angled head. (They are caught beyond the reef with hook and line.)
bara<Not Sure>11.1vtTo intentionally beach a boat; to dry-dock a boat.Pagbara tanira tang motor para obraen tang kasil na.They are dry-docking the pumpboat in order to work on the outriggers.Indi ra baraen mi tang bilog tenged gamiteno pa lagat-lagat.Don't beach the small outrigger now because I'll use it later.1.2viFor a boat to be unintentionally beached, unable to float, due to low tide; for a vehicle to be stuck in the mud or sand, or on rocks.Nabara ra tang motor, indi ita mapagalin.The motorboat is beached due to low tide, we won't be able to leave.Nagbara tang motorsiklo na ong lagnang, don ong Villa Fria.His motorcycle became stuck in the mud, there in Villa Fria.barado1der.1adjPlugged; blocked up.2adjBeached.33.1viFor something to become plugged or blocked up, as of a nose, canal, toilet.Nagbara si tang kanal.The drainage canal has become blocked up again.
barado21<Not Sure>1.1adjTo be beached, grounded due to low tide.Barado tang motor na tenged pela ra animan indi magalin.His pumpboat is beached because it is low tide therefore he can't leave.2adj2.1Plugged or blocked up, as of a nose, canal, toilet.Indio malinawa ta osto, barado tang orongo.I can't breathe well, my nose is plugged up.
baragalarchaic1<Not Sure>1.1adjCoarse, rough texture, or large weave.Ang inabel na baragal tenged ang ilo na mababael.What she wove is coarse because the thread is large.2adj2.1For a woman's body to be straight or box-shaped, without a waist or curves.Ang sinangoni tang soltiras ang asi baragal. The body of that young girl has no curves.
baraha1nbarahaPlaying cards.2viActor: mag-To play cards.Don tanira ong teled pamagbaraha. They are there inside playing cards.
barakalen1der. ofbakalWares in a store; merchandise.
barakalen2nWares in a store; merchandise.ov synpaninda2der. oftinda